Omega Dragon Cover Revealed

This post is the first revealing of the final cover for Omega Dragon. Sites like Amazon have shown a preliminary cover, but that one lacks a few changes, and it is merely half of the entire image.

For the first time in this story world, we have wrapped the cover image around the spine to provide more of the scene.

First, here is the new front cover.

Omega Dragon Front Cover


Here is the entire cover with back-cover textΒ (Click on the image to enlarge it):


Here is the entire cover without back-cover text (Click on the image to enlarge it):

Omega Dragon Full Cover Without Back Text

I’m using the last one as my computer screen background.

Omega Dragon ordering information:

Order from meΒ (Autographed, if you wish)

Order from Amazon

Order from

Feel free to speculate about what you see, and let me know what you think. πŸ™‚





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25 replies

  1. I just have to say that the cover looks amazing.

  2. Ohhh!! I like it!!! Thanks again for letting me review it! I will probably order it from your website.

    Will Monin

  3. This looks amazing! I can hardly wait to read it, but am not looking forward to saying goodbye.

  4. Oh my pumpernickel. This cover is AWESOME.

  5. AWESOME!!!!! That cover is AMAZING, and I am sitting on pins-and-needles waiting to read it!!!

  6. AAAHHH!!! This is so cool. Book is awesome too!

  7. Goodnight, Dragons In Our Midst. See you in the morning.

  8. The cover is FANTASTIC as always. I need to finish The Seventh Door so I can read Omega Dragon when it comes out. But I’m afraid more of my favorite characters will die in Seventh Door.

  9. WOW! My brains just exploded! [In a good way πŸ˜‰ ]
    This is incredible; I can’t wait to read it! The wrap around cover was brilliant, almost like a special cover for the grand finale! I give you 5 Stars ***** πŸ™‚

  10. Two words only; Love it!

  11. Awesome cover, maybe my favorite. It has been a while since I have read the books, I might need to read them all again before I read Omega Dragon. Also, since I have not read the books in a while, my mind is blanking on some character names, do you think, Mr. Davis, that you could identify the people on the cover? Only if they were introduced in one of the other books, of course. Can’t wait to read it, but I don’t want everything to end, I’m so torn…

  12. Happy, but impatient sigh I really, really, really, and did I say REALLY want to read this. I’ve been waiting for a WHOLE YEAR for this to come out. I was so deprived when Seventh Door ended and I had nothing else to sate the hunger for more of this story. Why do books ever have to end?

  13. Awesome cover! I’ll attempt a few guesses. The red dragon could be any number of your dragons, but my first guess is Clefspeare. The white one might be Albatross (can’t think of any other white dragons, but I don’t remember if he’s still around). We know that’s Bonnie on the front cover. I think it’s Sapphira throwing the fireballs, and the guy with a gun is…Billy, perhaps? The two by the pit might be Matt and…oh dear, I can’t remember Lauren and Darcy’s hair colors. So I’m not sure if it’s one of those two. Anyway, the cover looks fantastic and I can’t wait to read this book!! πŸ˜€

  14. Ahhh! That is awesome! I got chills just from looking at it and reading the synopsis.
    Here are my guesses about the cover:
    The red dragon is Arramos, the white dragon is Clefspeare (for many reasons, one of which is derived from the etching on Excalibur, which if I recall correctly is seen in one other place which I cannot remember; another is from a certain regeneration procedure mentioned in the Seventh Door)
    The man by the pit is Walter, and I’m trying to figure out who the girl is (Lauren? Couldn’t be Listener, wrong hair color)
    Sapphira is throwing the fireballs at the drone
    Bonnie is holding Excalibur (awesome way to depict her btw, in action instead of resting in some way)
    Billy (ahh!) holding the automatic rifle (sorry if I misidentified it, I’m not very familiar with different guns)
    And finally, one of those choppers has to be commandeered by Marilyn or Ashley or Elam

    That’s my guess. I can’t wait to see if I’m right

  15. Wow, my brain is currently exploding. Love the wraparound! And the artist (whoever he/she is) did an amazing job of rendering the characters. Love the rainy, dark city line….really sets the apocalyptic mood. Okay, so here’s my take on this.
    The fire ball throwing is definitely Sapphira (who looks pretty much exactly how I picture her), and while I originally thought that Elam was holding the gun, I actually think it might be Billy.
    The red dragon is Arramos, and the White is Clefspeare (probably having something to do with Mardon having a hand in his rebirth). Bonnie is trying to kill a vulture-drone thing with Excalibur (do they have Excalibur back? I’m gonna have to go check..)
    And then the pit scene is either Matt and Listener or Walter and Ashley. When you zoom in, it looks more like the way that Matt was depicted on previous covers, and I doubt that Ashley would be wearing pigtails, so I’m going to go with Matt and Listener.
    Aaaaand now I’m going to rush and reread all of the previous books before March. Somehow.


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