Florida Christian Writers Conference 2015

This week, I have been teaching the teen track at the Florida Christian Writers Conference. It is always a blessing and a privilege to mentor these amazing young writers. Their abilities and passion are inspiring and contagious. What a tremendous blessing they are!

Here are a few photos from the conference:

The registration area:


The teen track classroom:


The cafeteria:




You can tell be the smiles that we are having a great time together.




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  1. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

  2. Wish I was there! 🙂 It looks like you’re all having a fabulous time. (And there’s Amanda! waves)

  3. I wish I could have been there, even though I am not a teen I would still have enjoyed learning what you were teaching. I hope you are enjoying your time.

  4. Do you have a writing conference anywhere in Ohio? It looks like a blast. And I think I would learn a lot!

  5. I wish I could have gone! It would be so fun (especially since I would be in your class)! Which other authors attend?


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