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AutoBiographyMemeDo you have a question about writing that has plagued you? Are you stuck somewhere in your story and can’t get out?

If so, send your question to me, and I will try to answer it on the blog so others can benefit along with you.

It is possible that I have already written a post about your question, in which case I will provide a link to that post, and I might also add something to help with your particular situation.

Email your questions to blogqa@daviscrossing.com. I cannot guarantee that I will answer all questions that come in.



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  1. I’m still thinking about the writing questions, but for now I’ll answer your time travel question here, since I don’t have a Facebook account.

    I think time travel can work very well for certain stories, like Steins Gate. One of my other projects involves time travel as well, and I think it works. But I think the success of time travel stories tends to come when the story focuses on/revolves around time travel. Otherwise, when I see time travel in other stories, it tends to annoy me a little, like the time travel was just thrown in as an easy solution or because the author couldn’t think of anyhing else to add to the story.

    If you are saying time travel for a Reapers book, I don’t think I care for the idea, but I’m sure if you do decide to incorporate time travel in a story would will do it well.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I usually find time travel to be harmful to stories. I have yet to see a story that includes it without logical inconsistencies and significant story holes.

      I will not include time travel in my Reapers book, and I probably will never have it in any of my stories.

  2. Can you do a post about writing book proposals? They’re so hard to find. XD


  3. I guess one question I would have is where you had the Raising Dragons graphic novel printed, what type of paper, binding, etc. you chose and why. It looks like you also published the graphic novel through your self publishing company? I think it would be helpful to talk about how copyright stuff works when it comes to different versions of an author’s work. Did you have to get permission from the publisher of the Dragons In Our Midst series before you self published the Raising Dragons graphic novel?

  4. I’m trying to email a question, but the email address in the post isn’t working. Should I just post it here?


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