Circles of Seven – Contentment

When I began writing Circles of Seven, I didn’t know where the story would go, only that most of the adventures would take place in England. To conduct research, I traveled to England and visited several King Arthur sites, including the Glastonbury Tor. Before leaving, I picked up a book about Avalon, and when I went to the Tor’s gift shop, I saw the sequel for the book. I picked it up and mentioned to the cashier that the first book raised a lot of interesting questions.

“Is that so?” she asked. “Would you like to speak to the author about your questions?”

“Uh … sure.”

“Hold on. I’ll give him a ring.” She picked up the phone and made a call. A few seconds later, she hung up and said to me, pointing, “Go around the corner and know on the yellow garage door. He’ll be there.”

Rather stunned, I did as she told me. When I knocked, the garage door opened, revealing the author. He gave me loads of information that I was able to use in Circles of Seven. I call this divine guidance.

When I write, I usually don’t have a theme in mind. Themes present themselves as the story develops. For this book, however, I wanted to include contentment as the major theme. To learn why, see this post –

Any questions or comments? You know what to do.


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  1. What was the title of the book you picked up and the title of its sequel? I love medieval reading and would love to check them out!! Also, I read “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc”. I LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. ok. no worries. thanks for looking

  3. Such a neat story!

  4. Wow. That really was divine intervention! I love those type of circumstances.
    Medieval England is a favorite genre in our house. My children adore all things British, knights, swords, and of course: dragons.


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