Raising Dragons is Raising Reviews from New Readers

Tyndale’s republication of Raising Dragons is reaching new readers. Check out this review from The Book Club Network Blog – https://psalm516.blogspot.com/2021/11/raising-dragons-by-bryan-davis-reviewed.html

From the review – “This is a gripping, imaginative tale that reveals passages from scripture that describes a dragon (example Leviticus 41:21 sic). I had never looked at this passage before. But wow, there it was. It sounded like a dragon to me. The author also incorporates elements of King Arthur tales. It’s a wonderful blend of fact and fantasy as the author takes readers on an exciting exploration in the world of dragons, and malevolent slayers. This novel is full of twists and turns. I liked the natural spiritual thread that prompts readers to dig deep into scripture, shows the characters struggles and how they deal with them.”

The reviewer meant Job 41:21, not Leviticus 41:21. In any case, I am grateful for such a positive review.

The Tyndale version of Dragons in our Midst is now available wherever books are sold.


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