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Audio Books – A Great Way to Support an Author

I am going to be straightforward with you about a publishing issue. Recently, a small publisher produced audio versions of two of my books – Let the Ghosts Speak and Heaven Came Down. Hiring good voice talent is expensive, so… Read More ›

A Deadly Virus? A Vaccine that Some Doubt? Both in a Novel?

Written before the COVID virus hit, Heaven Came Down might seem a bit too close to reality, but I’m sure readers will be able to brave the pages and enjoy this post-apocalyptic tale that includes an oppressive regime that claims… Read More ›

Invading Hell Ebook Now Available

To celebrate the ebook release of Invading Hell, book #2 in the Oculus Gate series, the publisher is having a great sale on the first ebook in the series, Heaven Came Down. From May 15 to May 17, the price… Read More ›

Invading Hell is Now Available from Amazon

Invading Hell, book #2 in the Oculus Gate series, is now available in print format from Amazon. Here is the Amazon link to order – Here is the link to order the book from my website – I don’t have… Read More ›

Cover Reveal – Invading Hell

Cover reveal! Here is the cover of Invading Hell, book #2 in the Oculus Gate series. The first book, Heaven Came Down, introduced readers to a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, in which aliens, posing as angels, restored order to the world but… Read More ›