A Fluorescent Idea

As an author, I love words and the images they conjure. A while back, I spent some time replacing old light bulbs with the new energy-saving fluorescent type. They look really cool. You know how a light bulb turns on… Read More ›

I am a Turner-Offer

I have decided to accept my station in life, as well as the fact that others are born for a different task. I am a turner-offer. As I walk through my house, I often find many lights turned on with no… Read More ›

Writing with Passion – Audio and Video

I  believe we should write with passion, which requires us to be passionate about the topic or theme of our work. Below is an audio of a talk I did at the Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference – “Passion, the Fire that Cannot be… Read More ›

Update and Plans for the Future

Susie and her oncologist, Dr. Lee Schwartzberg Thank you for your patience regarding my pause in posting during the past two months. I thought you might like an update on my wife’s progress. Susie had a mastectomy, which included the… Read More ›

Forever Faithful – Our 35th Anniversary

An angel trusted me that day. She appeared at the church entry door—dressed in white, veiled in mystery. Her dazzling smile weakened my knees and sent my heart racing. The music began, and so did an everlasting dance with this… Read More ›

The Raising Dragons Graphic Novel – Ordering is Now Open

Since the Raising Dragons Graphic Novel is finally at the printer, I have opened pre-ordering for an expected December delivery. If you order by the beginning of December, I am confident you will get your copy before Christmas. Here is… Read More ›

Common Fantasy Characters and Why They Work

Have you ever noticed that certain characters in fantasy stories are similar to characters in other fantasy stories? It seems that they fit into categories and act within familiar roles and carry out similar duties. Since fantasy stories are often… Read More ›

Stretching Young Readers

When I began writing Raising Dragons, I pondered the “depth” concept. Can I write a deep story that’s geared toward young readers? Most of the Christian books I had read for young people were pretty superficial, in fact, boring. They… Read More ›