Thoughts from the Heart

Bryan’s spiritual, philosophical, and devotional meditations.

A Contentment Concerto

Sometimes God seems like the conductor of the grandest orchestra in the universe. During my journey as an aspiring novelist, I learned this truth in an amazing way. Back in July of 2004, AMG publishers featured my first two books,… Read More ›

An Outstanding Missions Book

This is the best missions book I have ever seen. Filled with vibrant photos and soul-stirring stories, it has become a regular family-devotions read for us. You can buy it directly from the photographer here – At $40, it is… Read More ›

The Stones Will Cry Out

  But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” (Luke 19:40) During our recent journey to Alaska, while driving through the Yukon near Watson Lake, I noticed many groupings of stones that spelled… Read More ›

Excerpt from I Know Why the Angels Dance

I Know Why the Angels Dance is my only novel that isn’t squarely in the speculative fiction category. It is also my most overtly Christian story. Since I am known as a spec-fiction author, sales of this book haven’t been as high as I… Read More ›