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Hooks Readers Can’t Resist – Guest Post by Rebecca LuElla Miller

Some time ago, visitors at the team blog Speculative Faith answered the question, “Would you keep reading?” about the first one hundred words of five unpublished manuscripts written by anonymous volunteers. Over fifty percent of those who participated chose one… Read More ›

Writing Tips – Revising Your Manuscript

I am including two videos of me teaching at the 2011 One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop. The topic is Revising Your Manuscript. One Year Adventure Novel is a high-school-level writing curriculum used in schools and homeschools. From what I… Read More ›

Increase Character Conflict – Guest Post by Camy Tang

Here are some tips for making a bland or episodic story more interesting by introducing deep character conflicts. Sometimes, a writer will get feedback that the characters are unlikable or uninteresting, or the story is only “okay.” This is usually… Read More ›