Harley C. – A Huge Impact

Your Dragon Books have had a huge impact in my life. The chivalrous men are mostly at the top of my list but I’ve read these books to my mother and she loves the way you write as well. The encouragement and the way you fit Biblical truths into the stories really helped me with my faith as well.

I’ve been reading these books for 9 years now, and every time I felt bad I would read them again and again. Thanks so much!

Rebecca C. – A positive impact on my life

Hello Bryan Davis,

I’ve probably been reading your books for all my teenage years. I took a chance on a book in the Christian bookstore and that book was “Masters & Slayers” which is still my favourite book to this day and got me hooked on the whole Tales of Starlight series. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the series, but I won’t forget the way it impacted me and why:

1st- Adrian and Marcelle were so realistic. I could relate to them, they were far from perfect, they had their issues too. Their relationship with God and each other was so beautiful and when I was reading it, I think that is the way that God intended for relationships with each other to be like.

2nd- the way that God, fantasy, action, romance, mystery…etc… is weaved into the stories is just fantastic. I honestly think that your books have a little of every genre in them. It’s actually really cool because I think that real life has a mixture of all them as well, maybe not dragons in real life, but there are some people that wish so.

3rd- Honestly, I did learn some things about the Bible from your books too, things that I never knew before.

I actually started writing and I was inspired by some of the things that you have written. I like when you can mix creative with real life.

Anyways your books have definitely had a positive impact on my life, thank you for writing them.
God Bless,
Rebekah C.

Tony R. – Thank you for being strong and faithful

Mr. Davis, I thought I’d take a few moments and share how your writing has been a blessing to me. I thought for a bit to see if I could single a book or a series out- I’ve enjoyed “Tales of Starlight,” “Echoes from the Edge” and the “Reapers” series. All are well-written, highly imaginative, and difficult to put down.

But I could say that about other authors. What stands out about your writing is that I’ve never seen you compromise your beliefs. It’s truly inspiring to read novels without profanity, blatant sexual content or graphic violence. Characters are noble, heroic, and men and women of, well, character. Plots are intriguing and present moral and spiritual questions that need to be considered. It’s Christian fiction the way it should be written. I have no problem handing one of your books to one of my children because i know it’ll bless them. Thank you for holding the line and writing stories laced with hope, purity and integrity.
You’ve inspired me personally with your writing. I’m an author too, writing Christian thrillers with elements of sci-fi and the supernatural, and sometimes it’s hard to stay encouraged. But you keep pressing on, writing book after book and holding that line, and it helps me get back to the computer with a prayer that God will continue to minister through me in story.
You’ve touched many people, Mr. Davis, myself included. Thank you for being strong and faithful, and for being an example. Thank you for writing stories that challenge your characters to be their very best and inspire your readers to do the same.
God bless you in all you do,
Tony R.

Jeff – Your books give people hope

Hello Mr. Davis my name is Jeff.

I just have to say that I’ve been reading your books since the very first dragons in our midst book came out and I have to say that they are my favorite books that I’ve ever read. They’re funny, uplifting and send very good messages to people of all ages. I think I have read the whole series at least 5 times and that’s on the low end. My mom was the one who got me into them at a time in my life where I wasn’t in a good place at all.

One of my best friends had just passed away a week or two prior due to a drunk driving accident. Her name was Kira. She was on her way home and the person hit her drivers side of the car going 60 miles an hour. She was killed instantly. I had known her since I was 7 years old. Just the thought of her not being around anymore drove me to a very dark place. I’m not afraid to admit that I contemplated taking my own life at one point. Grief is more powerful than people will ever be able to realize. It tears you apart.

I’ve never been much of a reader myself but when I started reading your books (I love dragons too which probably helped) and I was hooked instantly. The way you weave a story and make the characters come to life is something that not a whole lot of writers can do effectively which makes the pages come to life. I read that first book in less than a day. Your books give people hope that god is there looking out for us. I’m not exaggerating when I say that your books saved me. I hope you keep writing cause you’ve been given a gift and it should be shared with the world. You’ve probably saved more people than you even realize. Thank you for writing such amazing books. You can use this and my name also.

Thanks again for your books. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work

Shana H. – I have been inspired

For my Language Arts class last semester, we had to write an essay on a person who inspired us. After a lot of though and brainstorming, I chose to write my essay about you. I though you might like to see my finished essay, and am sending it to you in this email. I hope you enjoy reading this, and that my information is accurate. 🙂
Bryan Davis is the author of a number of children/teen books, most of which have some sort of Christian influence. Of his books, a number of them combine two of my favorite topics: Christianity and dragons/mythical creatures. I read his books frequently, and learn something new each time. Bryan Davis also has a blog on which he answers questions, shares life stories and experiences, and critiques people’s work. Bryan Davis inspires me through his books and his help with my own stories.

Bryan Davis’s writings challenge me and teach me to learn to grow in my faith. In many of his stories, his characters are pure unadulterated examples of how people should live, untainted by the clutter of everyday life. Sapphira Adi from The Eye of the Oracle lives alone for thousands of years with only her faith and trust in God to guide her. Even when God does not speak to her, she trusts in Him, and when her faith falters and she stumbles, God catches her. Cassabrie from Liberator also plays the role of a trusting follower, though hers is a much more roundabout way. Cassabrie wanders away from the path God chose for her, trying to go her own way. Though she still wished to follow God, she did not wish to follow His path, and died as a result. She later came back to life for her second chance. She embraced the path she had spurned, and ended up sacrificing her life, and saving the life of everyone on the planet. These characters all embody a way of life I want to follow: strong faith and loyalty to God. My perspective of myself has been changed from ‘trying to look/act like other people’ to knowing that God loves me unconditionally, and I don’t have to be afraid of who I am. My faith has been made stronger as a result of these stories, and I have grown in my understanding of God’s love.

Bryan Davis influences my writing through the themes in his works and his personal critiques of my stories. Themes of Bryan Davis influence characters in my writing. Bryan Davis has recurring themes of love and sacrifice. The idea of sacrifice has been incorporated in several of my own stories. In Secret Dragon, one of my characters will end up giving her life for her friends and for her sister, so that they survive and defeat the bad guy. This act of sacrifice was inspired by Bryan Davis’ character Acacia, who performs a similar act in The Bones of Makaidos. He also influences my writing directly through critique. I have had several pieces of mine critiqued by him, and each time he has given me invaluable advice. Some of his more frequent advice, other than grammar errors, is the importance of detail. When he was critiquing my story The Dragon Tamer, I had a sentence which read; “A knight, clothed in strange, black armor.” He told me to show why it was strange instead of telling it was strange. I changed it to; “A knight, clothed in strange, black armor, covered with mysterious, arcane symbols.” His advice made the sentence feel better. This and his other advice made the story richer and more interesting to read. These themes and critiquing have affected my stories in valuable ways.

Bryan Davis’s writings are unique, exciting, and contain valuable themes that inspire me. He is always willing to answer a question or critique a story. His characters all go through lessons and hardships that are beneficial to learn from. My writing, lifestyle, and thoughts have been changed by his books, and his life. Through his work, I have been inspired.

Alyssa W. – Your works serve to inspire my entire family

Well, my journey begins again! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read your books or listened to the audiobook versions, but every time I am struck with how amazing they are, and how eloquently you weave biblical stories into fascinating tales that capture the attention and very souls of your readers. I always love reading your books, and am always touched by how well I can relate to each and every one of your characters. Their stories are so diverse, they can speak to any situation–anyone’s story–yet all lead back to the story of God, and Christ. Your characters are role models of faith and forgiveness, while still showing me that no mistake is too big. And the struggles and obstacles your characters face, both internally and externally, encourage me to continue on my own journey, and to keep moving towards the light.
When I started this message I didn’t intend for it to be so long, but I really do want to thank you for all that you do through your books, posts, and just everything. You and your works serve to inspire my entire family, including myself. I hope that if you’re ever feeling discouraged you’ll remember that there are people out there who really appreciate your work, and whose lives are changed by these books you write. I love reading them, and I love that they’re something I can read over and over and still come out richer than before. I hope you have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, and thank you again for all you do.

Hannah W. – These books stir a fire within me

My name is Hannah, and I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard books. I know you’ve received countless messages that say the same thing, but I just wanted to let you know that you have impacted yet another person by these stories. I love everything about them – the characters, the Biblical themes, the individual plots that all connect and keep me on the edge of my seat, and the fact that all three series keep the same characters, even while adding awesome new ones. I also LOVE all the character qualities stressed and exemplified in these stories – love, sacrifice, courage, chivalry, purity, duty, and everything else. As a 17-year-old girl, I especially love to see the chivalry shown by the boys to all the girls. It warms my heart.

These books also stir a fire within me that makes me want to join all the characters in their various situations and help them, earn their friendship, and test my courage with them. They are all simply amazing people that I want to imitate! The only problem I have with these books is that I can’t be a part of their awesome journeys. I can’t ever meet the characters, unfortunately. You have made me so attached to them, and I’m so sad to know that I will never meet Walter (my all-time favorite!), Billy, Bonnie, Elam, Sapphira, Acacia, Gabriel, Enoch, Listener, Sir Barlow, Matt, and Lauren (all my other favorites). I’ll never meet or ride Makaidos, Thigocia, Clefspeare, Hartanna, Albatross, or Grackle. I’ll never get to go through a portal with Sapphira, Acacia, or Apollo. And, I’ll never get to meet Larry, as much as I’m dying to. I love the way Larry expresses himself, so whenever he speaks, I almost always laugh. However, I am glad that Devin, Semiramis, Tamiel, and Arramos are not real. They are so evil they make me sick. 🙂 But that is how good villains are supposed to make readers feel! Again, these stories and everything about them are just beyond wonderful. Thank you so much for creating these books! I wish they didn’t have to end!

Also, I love to write. My big dream is to become an author like you are – writing stories that convey Biblical truths and exemplify godly character, all the while captivating the audience with intense plots and loveable, unforgettable characters. I know that becoming an author takes years of pain and rejection and hard work, but I draw a lot of inspiration from your story that is in the back of the Raising Dragons book. You were rejected over 200 times and changed the story 24 times before it was published. That is the kind of perseverance and attitude I want as a writer. Thank you for your inspirational example.

Again, thank you so much for creating these stories! They are some of my favorite books of ALL time, and I just wanted to tell you that you have positively impacted yet another life by these stories, and also by your own story as an author. Thank you!

Hannah W.

Donavan R. – I decided to pursue that dream once again

Dear Mr. Davis,

I struggle to think of a way to begin this email. I know what I want to say but putting it down on paper, well virtual paper, is harder than it seems. Let me begin by thanking you for writing such an incredible story first and for most. I’m currently reading the second book in the series, Warrior. More specifically the scene where Koren, Uriel and Jason are about to be swept away by Zena’s flood. This scene in particular stood out to me. I found myself sitting up in bed at 3 in the morning, flashlight aimed at the pages, struggling to hear my own thoughts over the sounds of the raging storm around our heroes. The story came to life in my head. Several scenes before sparked my imagination, like the very first chapter of the series where Randal fights Jason but none like this scene here. It’s what compelled me to email you today. I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels in my life and this story is one of the few that actually popped off the pages, as if being told by a Starlighter herself. Your way with words is impressive.

I’ve struggled lately with my path in life.

Currently I’m dealing with trying to win custody of my daughter. The stress of this situation has made me reflect on my life overall. While I’m only 22, not much to reflect on truthfully, I thought about what I wanted to do with my life when I was younger. I wanted to be a writer of fantasy myself. I wanted to direct and produce animation based on my stories and those I’ve read. I was a meticulous writer, often I would spend days composing a detailed history for every world, a deep background for every character, I would get lost in the development stage before I even began writing the story. Every detail had to be spelled out before I put it together. I miss that.

After graduating high school life took way. I started working, went to college for computer animation but I let all of my passions run away from me as I let the stress and responsibility of being an adult, coupled with some poor life choices take over. Nothing illegal of course, just some wrong turns. Now I struggle to support myself and my daughter. All of which could have been avoided had I made better choices but that’s neither here nor there. I’m dissatisfied with my life currently, I felt as if I wasn’t where I was suppose to be or wanted to be at least. I wasn’t doing what I dreamed of, what I planned to do. I felt so lost and empty.

However reading your story last night inspired me all over again, the flames of my true passion once again ignited thanks to your words coming to life before me. I’d forgotten that feeling. I want it back. It was the first solid nights sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. I think it’s because my mind finally felt some peace. I’ve decided to pursue that dream once again. I hope that one day I can inspire someone the way you’ve inspired me and I can bring my stories to life in their minds. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Thank you,
Donavan R.

Sonia K. – My Mercy Song


My name is Sonia. I’m fifteen years old. I am a huge fan of your books! There are so many wonderful lessons to be learned within them, and a great many of them have personally spoken to me. Especially ‘Love needs no chains’, ‘put down the whip’ and ‘dross is purged’. I found myself greatly inspired by the idea of the Mercy Song emitted from the Purity Ovulum, and I felt compelled to write my own (I’m a bit of a writer myself). It goes like this:

My greatest weakness,
Through my God,
Becomes my greatest strength,
And every trial,
I’ll endure;
My eyes fixed on His face.

I need not ever,
Be afraid,
He’s watching over me;
All my struggles,
Though they hurt,
Aren’t my identity.

My pain, my sin,
He’s washed away,
All insecurities;
I am no slave to,
Wicked fear,
Through Christ’s mercy I am free.

I just wanted to thank you for using your talents to shine God’s light in so many lives – you’ve certainly impacted mine. This has been a crazy year for me in spiritual development, and I am excited to see what God’s going to show me next. Just know in full confidence that you are a tool of the Lord, and through you He is changing lives.



Christina S. – Thank You for Saving My Life

Dear Bryan Davis,

I want to thank you for all the books you have written, especially the Dragons in Our Midst series. I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but they have really strengthened my faith in the Father. About half way through the series when I turned 16, I am currently 17, I got depression. And when I saw people such as Bonnie and Sapphira Adi it gave my hope and reassured me that God is always near, even if they are fictional characters they made a great impact in my spirit life.

But what I really want to thank you for was for saving my life I was already saved, I accepted Christ when I was two or so, but on Friday February 12th my family and I were apart of a car accident. We had left Post Falls, Idaho the other day and were heading to southern California for my older cousin’s wedding on Saturday, we had driven all night, my mother and father taking turns driving while my brother and I slept. Around 7:30 Pacific time, 8:30 mountain time, we were on a freeway in Utah, the i-5 I believe, and a double long semi truck tried to swing a U-turn through the path in the median that the police use for emergencies. He apparently didn’t see us and so looked his breaks when he tried to turn, he fishtailed and blocked both lanes and part of the median. My father started shout and my mother woke up just long enough to see what was going to happen and yelled ‘oh God!’ We had been going about 80,the speed limit for that freeway, and slowed down to about 35 in a 100 feet or so. We collided with the semi then slid into the median, which, praise the Father Above, was not deep but very long. I can remember people screaming but was not conscious enough to registered what happened until I looked at our windshield after it happened. I had gotten the wind nocked out of me but my stomach was also becoming very blotted, I could tell without anyone saying anything that I ha major internal bleeding. The ambulances arrived, I was told as I was just completely out of it, within tem minutes, which was really good considering we wee out in the middle of nowhere. I was the first one to get taken into the ambulance; I don’t remember much, not even the pain, but I do remember that my only thoughts were on the Father Above. I remember telling Him that if it was my time to die I was ready but I wanted my other family members to live and be okay, but if I was to live I knew that He a greater purpose for my life. I as in constant prayer nd song; my father came with me in the ambulance as pretty mush fine, and sang Amazing Grace as I sung Blessings by Lora Story in my head.

We reached the first hospital in a few minutes but they almost immediately transferred me to a different hospital as they di not have the equipment to treat me. My father after making sure that my brother was going to be okay he came with me again. He, my brother, only suffered a large cut on the forehead and a slight concussion thank God. It took about 30 minutes to reach the next hospital, the Intermountain Heatlthcare Hospital in Proveo Utah, and by the time I got there I was whiter than a bed sheet, my blood pressure was down at 44 or something near there, and my stomach was incredibly hard and blotted. All of the nurses and the doctor I had, who apparently is not easily panicked, were all in a panic, the were terrified that they’d loose me. But within the hour of e getting to that hospital the color returned to my face, my blood pressure went back up to a stable zone, and my stomach softened and the blottedness all but went away. None of the doctors or nurses can explain this, but I know that it was the hand, a miracle of God.

After several x-rays and there’s they found n internal bleeding, only a fractured verabre on lower back. I have been making an excellent recovery and had surgery done Monday the 15, which went well. My father suffered nothing major outside of a few bruises and some tenderness. My mother, however, suffered a broken hip, the femur went through the pelvis in the accident. She had surgery on it Saturday the 13th. We are both doing better and can walk a bit now, mind you with help.

After my father observed the car he found that the pin holding the backseat to the car had broken away on my brother’s side and everything had swung with me at the vertex taking most of the weight. He also looked at the truck and saw that the trailers were not the normal trailers, they had metal boxes that came down from the bottom of the trailer. Had that not been there the car would have slid underneath the trailer and killed my mother and brother at lest. The car is completely totaled, though we did managed to salvage all of our luggage from it, and our lives.

When I look back at what happened I see just how much God loves us and protects us. He saved my life twice in one day. I’m not sure if I would be living and breathing today had I not read Dragons in Our Midst series an it sharpen my faith. Iron sharpens iron and your books had sharpened my faith. I’m sorry if this is a poorly written letter but I am laying down with strict bed rest and it’s 1:11 mountain time, though because of the surgery I slept a lot during the day. But I wanted you to know that you probably, literally, save a life through your books. I must ask a favor though…I know that you and I don’t really know each other, we met twice before when you came to my school North Idaho Christian School, but if you could pray for my family. For our healing and for my father to continue to keep a cool, straight head. Thank you for reading this ridiculously long letter and God speed on your next book.

~Christina S.
Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”