How to get published

Beyond the Gateway: Part 2 of my Self-Publishing Journey

The Reapers Trilogy is my first novel-based self-publishing project, and I have learned a lot while on this journey. I’m going to write a few tidbits about my experiences in an as-the-thought-comes-to-me form, so the structure of this post might… Read More ›

The Hero Door

 The Hero Door (Updated May 1, 2022) I was good at my job. Everyone in my company knew it, and they relied on my computer expertise daily. Being a helpful, dependable worker who was seen by his peers and supervisor… Read More ›

Thoughts on Self Publishing

To self publish or not to self publish, that is the question facing many aspiring writers. The answer is not a simple one. Years ago when I first sought a publisher, I followed the traditional route. Why? Self publishing has a bad… Read More ›

How to Find a Great Literary Agent – Amanda Luedeke

How to Find a Great Literary Agent By Amanda Luedeke Not all agents are created equal Some agents are wonderful. They work hard, fight for their clients, and believe wholeheartedly in the power of words. They leverage their many industry… Read More ›