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Cover Reveal – Invading Hell

Cover reveal! Here is the cover of Invading Hell, book #2 in the Oculus Gate series. The first book, Heaven Came Down, introduced readers to a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, in which aliens, posing as angels, restored order to the world but… Read More ›

Contest to Win Books and an EReader

If you want a thrilling, out-of-this-world novel, you can enter to win my book, Heaven Came Down, on BookSweeps today —plus 30 exciting Sci-Fi & Fantasy books from a collection of authors as well a brand new eReader.   When… Read More ›

A Review to Remember – Let the Ghosts Speak

This eloquent review of Let the Ghosts Speak floored me. I am grateful that readers are enjoying this book at such a deep, meaningful level. When I first heard about Let the Ghosts Speak, long before it was published, I expected… Read More ›

Let the Ghosts Speak on Audio – A Stellar Performance

When my publisher, Mountain Brook Ink, shopped for a reader to create the audio book version of Let the Ghosts Speak, I was concerned that it would be difficult to capture the story’s atmosphere and the vision I had for… Read More ›

My Best Novel – Let the Ghosts Speak

I consider Let the Ghosts Speak to be my best work to date. It is a supernatural, psychological, suspense tale that takes place in 1860 Paris, and it’s getting great reviews. I hope you’ll check it out. Here are purchase… Read More ›

A New Novel and a New Publisher

Heaven Came Down, book #1 in the Oculus Gate series, is here! This post-apocalyptic science-fiction tale is my latest book, and my new publisher and I are excited about it. I would like to make an appeal to my faithful… Read More ›

Superhero Blog Tour Contest Winners

The Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World blog tour is over. Thank you to all who participated. The ten winners for the first contest are: Richard Brandt Faith Thompson Donna Darling Amelia Skelton Abbi Pokone Olivia F. Kathy Collazo… Read More ›