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I Know Why the Angels Dance is a good gift for someone who is grieving loss of a loved one. It might be a good idea to keep a supply on hand for whenever a death occurs among your friends and relatives.

A case contains 32 copies. At a price of $120, that’s less than $4 per copy. If you wish, I will open the case and autograph every copy. Just let me know with a follow-up message.

Here is a description of the book:

When the darkness of unspeakable tragedy collides with the infinite glory of heaven, what happens? What salve can heal the deepest of wounds when dawn breaks and the nightmare is real? What words can console a grieving father or mother when the blossom of the womb fades and falls? Images of hope, soft words that set the mind at ease, beautiful memories brought home by a beautiful story.

I Know Why the Angels Dance is a healing salve; it incites a cleansing catharsis; it serves as a holy image-maker, mending hearts and minds with glimpses of heaven’s glory. It opens spiritual eyes. We are all on a collision course with the unknown. Will it be a plunge into darkness or a passing from one existence into a brighter one?

Two fathers, one in the light and one in darkness, each face the reality of that passage, and both struggle to find and apply the healing balm. Yet, God uses the faith of a child to reach out to the downcast—the hand of an extraordinary girl leads them to the healing they long for.

The reality of death meets the hope of the ages, and the victory comes in the visions and songs of a little girl. After reading I Know Why the Angels Dance, you will cherish life and family like never before, and the passage everyone must make will no longer be a leap into darkness. It will be a step into glory.

Read the first chapter here.

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