DioM #4 Tears of a Dragon Audio Book


This is MP3 audio disk contains the full audio text of Tears of a Dragon, the fourth book in the Dragons in our Midst series.

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Audio version (MP3 Disk) of Tears of a Dragon, the fourth book in the Dragons in our Midst series. Recommended for ages 10 and older.

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Tears of a Dragon: Victory in the Circles of Seven came at a great cost to Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver. A vicious evil was unleashed on the earth that only the dragons can defeat. With Billy’s father, the great Clefspeare, missing, Billy and Bonnie must lead the dragons into war against the Watchers-demonic beings as old as the earth itself. Masters at the art of deception, the Watchers gather most of humanity to their side. A remnant of wise humans, the friends of the dragons, unites in the struggle against the Watchers. With heart-stopping action, the final battle between dragons and their enemies comes to a climax. But in order to win the war, at least one of the dragons must die.

As the story ends, Billy and Bonnie are faced with the greatest decision of their lives. Will they keep the dragon traits that have cost them so much danger and heartache, or will they turn to normal human life and end the slayers’ lust for their blood forever.

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