Common Fantasy Characters and Why They Work

Have you ever noticed that certain characters in fantasy stories are similar to characters in other fantasy stories? It seems that they fit into categories and act within familiar roles and carry out similar duties. Since fantasy stories are often… Read More ›

The Effect of Fantasy – Samples From My Mailbag

Some people might wonder if fantasy is a legitimate way to provide spiritual inspiration. Today I am posting a few samples of messages I have received over the years along with category headers. My motivation is twofold: to provide speculative… Read More ›

The Writing Life – A Geek’s Perspective

I am often asked what it’s like to be a writer, and I wonder if describing my life would create a false perception. Based on what I hear from others, I’m an anomaly. Okay, that’s too formal. Actually, I’m a… Read More ›

The Boundaries of “What if?” ; Part 2

Christian readers are often sensitive about stories that relate to the Bible, and rightly so. They react against writing that twists the contents of the Bible in a way that denigrates the messages they revere. When my book Eye of… Read More ›

The Boundaries of “What if?” – Part 1

Back when I was contemplating writing Reapers, I asked some of my readers if they would read a story with ghosts in it, that is, disembodied spirits of the dead. Some of the responses I received illustrated the fact that… Read More ›

Dragons and Wizards and Magic! Oh My!

Dragons and wizards and magic! Oh my! For some Christians, the “Oh my!” is a shout of joy. For others, it is a cry of anxiety or even disdain. Fantasy in stories generates a variety of responses from Christian readers… Read More ›

Raising Dragons Trailer

Here is a new book/video trailer for Raising Dragons, using scenes from the fan-made movie adaptation of the story. I was thrilled that these fans got together to produce these scenes. My thanks to Alex Randazzo, the producer and director… Read More ›

Excerpt from Omega Dragon Chapter Two

You already have access to Chapter One of Omega Dragon here. Now you can read the beginning of Chapter Two: Instructions for raising your sister from the dead. Matt leaned his elbows on one end of Abaddon’s long stone table… Read More ›