Dragons and Wizards and Magic! Oh My!

Dragons and wizards and magic! Oh my! For some Christians, the “Oh my!” is a shout of joy. For others, it is a cry of anxiety or even disdain. Fantasy in stories generates a variety of responses from Christian readers… Read More ›

Spring 2015 Contest Announcement!

My Spring 2015 contest begins May 1 and runs to the end of the month. Announcing it now gives you time to prepare. First, the prizes: Grand Prize – An Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite Model), Books for Life, and any four… Read More ›

Raising Dragons Trailer

Here is a new book/video trailer for Raising Dragons, using scenes from the fan-made movie adaptation of the story. I was thrilled that these fans got together to produce these scenes. My thanks to Alex Randazzo, the producer and director… Read More ›

Omega Dragon Cover Revealed

This post is the first revealing of the final cover for Omega Dragon. Sites like Amazon have shown a preliminary cover, but that one lacks a few changes, and it is merely half of the entire image. For the first… Read More ›

Promoting Books – Do Video Trailers Work?

When I go to a theater, I like watching the preview trailers, not only for potential interest in a coming attraction, but also for research. How do these trailers work to attract moviegoers? What is the allure? For movies, it’s… Read More ›