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How to Write Compelling Characters – Guest Post by Pamela Collazos

We writers often section ourselves off into camps. Plot-first writers go in one camp, and character-first writers in the other. But the truth is that, whether you start with the plot or characters, you must create compelling characters to organically… Read More ›

Developing Realistic Characters Part 2 – Guest Post by Pamela Collazos

Your characters are still giving you the cold shoulder, huh? Or worse, they’re only concepts floating around, ghost-like, too intangible to give you anything like a shoulder. Don’t worry! Try to flesh them out with these four functions before giving… Read More ›

Developing Realistic Characters Part 1 – Guest Post by Pamela Collazos

Characters can be tricky to develop. Unless inspiration suddenly hits you like a truck, you probably find it difficult to create characters out of thin air. So don’t try! Choose something more concrete to work with. The thoughts in your… Read More ›

Amazing Review of Two Reapers Books

Authors like getting good reviews, but every once in a while I see a review that truly shines and makes me feel fulfilled as an author. A recent review by Tracey Dyck (Photo at left) of two of my Reapers books… Read More ›

The Editing Game – Guest Post by Kaci Hill

From a discussion about Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman came a brief discussion on how much drafts change from start to finish. Ask Bryan, and he’ll tell you that the original version of Raising Dragons did not include Bonnie…. Read More ›

Dragons and Wizards and Magic! Oh My!

Dragons and wizards and magic! Oh my! For some Christians, the “Oh my!” is a shout of joy. For others, it is a cry of anxiety or even disdain. Fantasy in stories generates a variety of responses from Christian readers… Read More ›