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Courage to Save the Mockingbirds – Guest Post by Tracey Dyck

Courage to Save the Mockingbirds: an essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” The novel To Kill a Mockingbird presents a vibrant collection of virtues and vices for the reader’s perusal, qualities to emulate and faults to root out. Courage leads the… Read More ›

The Human Art – Guest Post by Kaci Hill

Once upon a time, the Master and Commander of all that exists, Supreme Emperor of the Cosmos grew a person out of the ground, breathed his own life’s breath into him, named him, and gave him an identity that made… Read More ›

Finish that Book – Guest Post by Jessi Roberts

All published books have one crucial characteristic in common that you must master before you will be a published author. It’s not any of the usual qualities writing teachers insist upon—showing instead of telling, motivation/reaction units, or proper character arcs…. Read More ›

Hooks Readers Can’t Resist – Guest Post by Rebecca LuElla Miller

Some time ago, visitors at the team blog Speculative Faith answered the question, “Would you keep reading?” about the first one hundred words of five unpublished manuscripts written by anonymous volunteers. Over fifty percent of those who participated chose one… Read More ›

Increase Character Conflict – Guest Post by Camy Tang

Here are some tips for making a bland or episodic story more interesting by introducing deep character conflicts. Sometimes, a writer will get feedback that the characters are unlikable or uninteresting, or the story is only “okay.” This is usually… Read More ›

How to Find a Great Literary Agent – Amanda Luedeke

How to Find a Great Literary Agent By Amanda Luedeke Not all agents are created equal Some agents are wonderful. They work hard, fight for their clients, and believe wholeheartedly in the power of words. They leverage their many industry… Read More ›