Writing Q&A #13 – In Defense of Dragons

Question: Isn’t a dragon a symbol of Satan in the Bible? Why do you have good dragon characters in your stories? Aren’t they supposed to be evil? Answer: The Bible uses a dragon to symbolize Satan, but God also describes… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 12 – Prologues

From Kari: How long should a good prologue be? ***************** I receive questions about prologues quite often. Writers have differing opinions on whether or not a novel should have a prologue, and my own opinion has changed over the years…. Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 11 – Creating Fun Characters

From Alexis: I’ve been working on my novel, and I think I’ve got the plot generally figured out, but I’ve been told the my characters are too serious and possibly boring. I’m wanting to figure out fun / funny quirks… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 10

From Belle, I have a villain who believes that she’s not doing anything wrong, but helping. She is very ‘high up’ – meaning she is the sister of her country’s ruler. So, I’m wondering, when she gets discovered for the… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 9

From Natalya: I have a book concept I am working on, and it involves a race of non-human characters. They basically look like a kind of hybrid between birds and people. The story is set entirely in the realm this… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 8

From Jonathan: 1. In my story, my main character starts in her ordinary world. In the first chapter she has a goal, fails and gets propelled toward another. This disrupts her normal world, but it is not a sudden upheaval…. Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 7

From Hope: Over the past year I have written out a manuscript, gone through and fixed grammar errors, etc., but recently I’ve gotten some feedback and have rewritten the whole beginning. Now I’m going through the manuscript again, but because… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 6

From Shana: How do you come up with names for your characters? I know there are all kinds of ways, but what have you used or heard about others using? *********** I most often use baby naming websites such as… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 5

From Tamra, In my fantasy stories, I have many different races all living and working together. They are ruled by the Elf Queen, who in keeping with tradition is Celtic, and therefore, “white”. Her honor guard are centaurs, who I… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 4

From Autumn:   Where did you have the Raising Dragons graphic novel printed? The printer was Four Colour Print Group in Louisville, KY. The provide printing services overseas. The printing was actually done in South Korea where color printing is… Read More ›

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