Writing Q&A Number 3

From Lori: What should I do to overcome writer’s block? I am in the middle of writing my own fantasy story and am experiencing writer’s block. I know basically what is going to happen in the story but it’s just… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 2

From Miranda: My main character, Vanetta, has a younger brother named Breheldren who is child-like in his mind set. Vanetta is very defensive about people judging Breheldren (Dren for short). My main supporting character, Ash, makes a passing comment about… Read More ›

Writing Q&A Number 1

From John: How can I incorporate elements of another culture without appearing fake to people who know that culture better than I do? For example, in one of my stories, I want to use elements of the Irish Freedom movement,… Read More ›