My Superhero Novel Now Available to Pre-Order

My superhero novel – Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World – can now be “pre-ordered” from my website or Amazon (print or Kindle). Be one of the first to read my newest story! My website – Click here Amazon… Read More ›

Beyond the Gateway: Part 2 of my Self-Publishing Journey

The Reapers Trilogy is my first novel-based self-publishing project, and I have learned a lot while on this journey. I’m going to write a few tidbits about my experiences in an as-the-thought-comes-to-me form, so the structure of this post might… Read More ›

The Hero Door

 The Hero Door (Updated May 1, 2022) I was good at my job. Everyone in my company knew it, and they relied on my computer expertise daily. Being a helpful, dependable worker who was seen by his peers and supervisor… Read More ›

Dragons and Wizards and Magic! Oh My!

Dragons and wizards and magic! Oh my! For some Christians, the “Oh my!” is a shout of joy. For others, it is a cry of anxiety or even disdain. Fantasy in stories generates a variety of responses from Christian readers… Read More ›

Thoughts on Self Publishing

To self publish or not to self publish, that is the question facing many aspiring writers. The answer is not a simple one. Years ago when I first sought a publisher, I followed the traditional route. Why? Self publishing has a bad… Read More ›

The New York City Pitch Conference 2015 – Updated

Last week, I attended the Algonkian NYC Pitch Conference. I have attended many conferences, maybe 25 to 30 over the years, all of them Christian-publishing oriented. This was my first mainstream conference. The classes at the NYC conference focused on… Read More ›

News from the World of Publishing – New Books from Two of the Greatest

Two of the greatest and most popular authors of all time are coming out with new books, and both announcements came as a surprise to the literary world. First, Harper Lee, author of the Pulitzer-prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird (my… Read More ›

Omega Dragon Cover Revealed

This post is the first revealing of the final cover for Omega Dragon. Sites like Amazon have shown a preliminary cover, but that one lacks a few changes, and it is merely half of the entire image. For the first… Read More ›