News from the World of Publishing – New Books from Two of the Greatest

What PetTwo of the greatest and most popular authors of all time are coming out with new books, and both announcements came as a surprise to the literary world.

First, Harper Lee, author of the Pulitzer-prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird (my favorite novel), has a new book — Go Set a Watchman. Several factors have contributed to controversy that has arisen about this upcoming release. You can read about the controversy here.

Second, Dr. Seuss, who passed away more than two decades ago, also has a new book — What Pet Should I Get? You can read about his new book here.

I find it fascinating when such announcements pop up. Certainly surprise books are a joy to fans of any author. I will buy and read Go Set a Watchman as soon as it releases, and I’ll check out What Pet Should I Get to see if my grandchildren might like it.

Amazon link for Go Set a Watchman

Amazon link for What Pet Should I Get?

What about you? Will you read either book? Any thoughts on the controversy surrounding Harper Lee’s new novel? Please comment.


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  1. I will not be buying Go Set a Watchman because the circumstances surrounding its release reek of exploitation. I may browse the first chapter if I see it in a bookstore. After a decade or so has passed and the book has had time to stand or fall on its own merits rather than the hype, I may then choose to read it. But probably not.

    I have no opinion one way or the other on the Seuss manuscript.

  2. I’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird, so I have nothing emotionally invested in a continuation of the story. Unlikely I’ll ever read it.

    I do love Dr. Seuss, so there’s a greater chance I may get that book.

  3. I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, and I didn’t know anything about a controversy surrounding a new book. (Am I getting a reading assignment as well, then? LOL.)
    Dr. Suess I’m always happy to read! His stories beg to be read aloud, sometimes to the irritation of those around me… XD

    • Yes. Your report is due March 1. 🙂

      • Awesome. XD I just reserved the book at my library, but it’s currently out . . . and due back March 10. Unless it comes back early, my report will be late.

        Any particular report guidelines? (I’m taking this seriously. 😛 )

      • Here are the questions I asked a literature class I taught. Maybe choose one or two for your report. Have fun! 🙂

        1. Compare and contrast the parenting and teaching style of Atticus Finch with those of others in the school and town. How did his wisdom differ from that of the culture? Give specific examples and quotes from the book. With these contrasts in mind, what do you think the author was trying to tell us?

        2. What are the primary virtues and vices the author portrays? Who are the main characters that exemplify each one? What did Atticus mean when he talked about “Maycomb’s usual disease”?

        3. Who is the protagonist in the book? What changes does this character go through? Explain in detail with specific examples from narrative and dialogue.

        4. Why did the story portray Atticus Finch as naïve about Mr. Ewell’s potential for revenge? Discuss Mr. Finch’s character and how it both helped and hindered him.

        5. Discuss Scout’s journey toward becoming a “lady.” How did her relationships with the women (and some of the men) of the town shape her attitude? What did she learn along the way? How did the meeting of the missionary society teach her and the reader what the “ladies” in Maycomb were like?

        6. Discuss the culture of racism and ignorance in this culture. How did the story expose it? What did Harper Lee offer as a cure? Provide details from the trial, including the pre-trial activities and the aftermath, that show how the disease operated, both in those who perpetrated the evils and those who supported it through inaction.

  4. I’m not really sure what to think…
    From what I read in the article you mentioned, Mr. Davis, it sounds like “Go Set A Watchman” is just the early manuscript of “To Kill A Mockingbird”. (It’s really good, by the way – for those who haven’t read it. My sister loves it and owns the book and the movie.)
    I think I’ll wait and see how things pan out first. I want there to be less hype, when I glance at it. TBD.

    I already read thru “To Kill A Mockingbird” with my Mom and sister for school and watched the movie. So, no assignment for me. Phew! [I’m probably asking for it since I said that, huh? :} <(Oops!)]

  5. Awesome! I will try to get that Dr. Seuss book. :D:D

  6. I will most likely eventually read both of them. 🙂

  7. I just think posthumous releases are interesting. Particularly Tolkien. Dude’s had more books published after his death than while he was alive.

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