Hiding from the Blazing Light – Part 1

“An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign,” Jesus taught us so long ago. Does that mean he was opposed to miracles? That verse might lead a person to think so, but the Bible also teaches us that our… Read More ›

The Hero Door

 The Hero Door (Updated May 1, 2022) I was good at my job. Everyone in my company knew it, and they relied on my computer expertise daily. Being a helpful, dependable worker who was seen by his peers and supervisor… Read More ›

Moments of Gold – A Poem

Moments of Gold Bryan Davis The moments of time that lay piled up and scattered I frittered away as if none of them mattered. A rich man was I, so why bother to measure The castaway minutes my elders called… Read More ›

Are You a Scrub Jay?

I will never forget this hiking experience in one of Florida’s scrub forests. We came upon a family of scrub jays. I had heard that, unlike most birds, they have very little fear of humans. That proved to be an… Read More ›

The Boundaries of “What if?” ; Part 2

Christian readers are often sensitive about stories that relate to the Bible, and rightly so. They react against writing that twists the contents of the Bible in a way that denigrates the messages they revere. When my book Eye of… Read More ›

Books Reach the Heart – A Message from a Reader

Deep in a tiny corner of the United States lived a young fourth grade girl. She had been raised in a Christian home and was attending a Christian school. Her faith in God was sound, but she didn’t quite understand… Read More ›

Dishonest Honesty – Confidence vs. Negativity

People who know me realize that I pursue life with confidence. That doesn’t mean that I have on the figurative rose-colored glasses. I don’t think everything will always be hunky-dory or that I will never encounter difficulties. Confidence means that… Read More ›

The Code of a Knight – Parts 8 and 9

These are thoughts from my book Spit and Polish for Husbands: A knight places the well-being of his children before his own. He is there when they need him, and he never forsakes them, even to his own hurt. I… Read More ›