Announcement: New Audio Books

Since it is so expensive to produce an audio book, and since I wouldn’t be able to get enough sales on certain audio books to pay for the cost of a professional reader, I decided to use the Google Artificial Intelligence App to create audio versions of the books that wouldn’t be profitable otherwise.

The quality is not super, but it is passable. You won’t hear common human emotions, and the reader doesn’t alter his voice for different characters, but if all you want is to hear the text, then it’s not bad. Also, going this route allows me to charge only $5 per audio book.

Here is a sample –](

The following books are now available on audio using this AI engine:

Masters & Slayers –

Third Starlighter –

Exodus Rising –

Time Echoes –

Interfinity –

Fatal Convergence –

I Know Why the Angels Dance –

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  1. Nice! I will say, however, that as a voice actor this does pain me a little bit. But, be that as it may, I’m glad you found a solution!

    • I understand. I have paid voice actors for other books, but these audio books would never have come into existence if not for this option, so no voice actors have lost any business because of my decision.

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