Young Writers Free Online Summit

Are you a young writer who wants to impact others for Christ with your words?
If so, you won’t want to miss my session at the upcoming Young Writers Can Change the World Virtual Summit!
Too often, young writers don’t realize how much they can do when they take their writing seriously and realize their full potential.
They don’t need to wait until they’re forty to start finishing projects they’re proud of.
That’s why this free summit aims to give writers the momentum and tools they need to start making a difference with their writing right now—even if they’re still a teenager.
The free summit will take place from August 21-22.
At the summit, I will be speaking about “An Author’s Journey Toward Publication.” And I will be joined by nine other skilled writers & editors who will help you use your words in an intentional, faith-focused way.
Would you like to join us and learn how you can unlock your potential and impact others with the words and stories you write as a teenager?
Click the link below to register for free and learn more:

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  1. Interested in purchasing a couple of sets, curious if you have any and if you ever put them on sell in bulk

  2. Is this still on? I just saw this, and it was made in 2023.

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