Critique Group – No Entries

Yes, and we editors get lonely and sad if no one sends in something to critique.

This is the second consecutive week without an entry for the critique group, and we have had other lulls recently. Therefore, I am suspending this feature for the rest of 2017.

Writers are still welcome to send something in during that time period, but there will be no new posts until at least the start of 2018. If you want to send something in, be sure to follow the critiquing guidelines.


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  1. Aww man! Guess I’ll just have to put something really great together for January.

  2. I’ll keep working on getting some entries put together 🙂 The scenes I write tend to be rather stubborn in the sense that they often end up about 300-500 words above or below the required word count, so I’m dealing with that right now.


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