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Weekly writing tips

Narrative Fragments

A fragment is a phrase that poses as a sentence but is missing either a subject or a verb. For example – “Went to the beach.” This phrase has no subject. It doesn’t reveal who went to the beach. It… Read More ›

Writing Tip – Accusation and Vindication

In past posts, I talked about establishing emotional connections between readers and your characters. Today I am adding a new method – accusing your character of some kind of wrongdoing or fault and later vindicating him. When a character is… Read More ›

My Writing and Editing Steps

Authors differ in how they approach writing a novel. Some outline the story first and write detailed character sketches. Others, like me, make up everything while they write. Some edit as they write. Others write the story without editing, then go back… Read More ›

Book Length Issues – Part 1

I receive quite a number of questions about how long a story should be and how to alter a story so that it matches length expectations. Many writers, especially younger ones, ask me how to lengthen stories. Yet, it’s interesting that… Read More ›

Letting Your Readers Celebrate – Reward the Hero

In an earlier post I mentioned the need to express triumph and satisfaction in a story’s ending phase. When the heroic character (usually the protagonist) achieves a major goal, we need to provide a feeling of triumph that overcame seemingly impossible odds. Because… Read More ›

Character Descriptions While Writing with Intimate Point of View

As I mentioned in this post several weeks ago, when writing with an intimate point of view (POV), we should avoid describing anything that the focal character would not notice. We are trying to show the world through the eyes of… Read More ›

Preparing Your Character for a Sequel

The thread that binds a series together is usually a character. More often than not, the first book’s main character is also a primary character in the sequel, and we hope the second book picks up where the first book left… Read More ›