A Hero’s Journey – Four Hours of Writing Instruction from Bryan Davis

Have you ever wanted to learn my story-telling process, the steps I take in developing a story? Now you can with this video. It was made at the Realm Makers (RM) Conference in 2019, and RM has graciously allowed me to make it available to you embedded below


The Powerpoint slides might be difficult to read on the video. Here is a link to those slides. http://www.daviscrossing.com/TheHerosJourneyContinuingClass.pdf

Here is a direct link to the video – https://vimeo.com/595006829/ab3eaf32a3

Everything I teach in this presentation (and much more) is in my book Write Them In – Taking Your Readers on a Hero’s Journey. You can purchase the book here – https://www.theauthorschair.com/shopping/product/write-them-in/

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Hero’s Journey writing presentation, Mr. Davis.
    Enjoy your sessions.

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