The Book Writers Have Been Asking For

This blog has been dedicated to helping writers improve their craft, and all of my writing tips were once posted here in kind of a haphazard way, leading aspiring writers to ask me to organize the tips and provide them in one reference work.

Now, finally, I have done so. I gathered the tips and organized them in my new book Write Them In: Taking Your Readers on a Hero’s Journey.

As I went through the tips, I realized that they all had a similar theme, to put readers into the adventure, to make them feel like they’re present in the scenes. Since I recommend the Hero’s Journey story structure, it made sense to organize the tips into a guide that follows that structure and provides dozens of ways to make readers feel like they’re on the journey as well.

In short, this book will show you how to follow the hero’s journey story structure, create captivating characters, and draw readers into a scene and keep them there.

You can purchase this book from me here –

It’s also available on Amazon here –

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  1. I can’t wait to add this to my shelf!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into helping writers like me work toward the goal of having my own book on a shelf!

  2. This is fantastic! Looking forward to reading this and recommending it to other writers!

  3. Just wondering
    Are you happening to be writing another series?


  1. The Book Writers Have Been Asking For – E.J. Robison

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