Message for Young Women – Speak the Truth. Live the Truth. Be the Truth.

a beautiful girl in antique dress on horsebackShe is born with a passion to uplift, empower, and support. She is the mainstay and sail for the captain’s ship. She is the heat in the warrior’s resolve and the salve that heals his wounds. She is the heart that pumps vitality to every joint and sinew. Yes, she is a woman.

Every girl in existence has been lovingly fashioned—from her intelligent and creative brain, to her tender and compassionate hands, to her tireless feet—to be a pillar of strength and resolve. While she might not be a warrior who draws a sword, she is the healer who strengthens the warrior’s hands and heart. Without her, every weapon would drop in futility, every muscular arm would wilt, and every pair of tired legs would shuffle home in defeat, for the heart that drives the warrior forward, the heart of his woman, has stopped beating.

Some young women choose to take up the sword themselves, to step out alone in the midst of darkness to carry a lantern to the lost, to battle oppression and bring relief to the abused and neglected, or to transport life-giving supplies to the destitute wherever they may be. Their partner is the Spirit of Christ, and their sword is His word. They must know Him well if they hope to shine His light and pierce the darkness without the help of an intimate human partner.

And here is how they, and you, can shine that light.

Speak the truth. Live the truth. Be the truth. Never let the faithless ones persuade you to abandon any of those three principles. Remember that you are an oracle of fire, as is every faithful follower of our Lord. For true disciples possess the pure silver, purged of all dross, and the fire of God’s love burns within. It is an everlasting flame that others, even those who give lip-service to the truth, will never comprehend until you or someone else is able to pass along that fire from heart to heart.

Many a girl will choose a partner in the pursuit to carry the holy light, hoping to not only be a light herself but also to inspire the drive that pulses within the breast of a husband, a forever friend. Yet, some might never discover the proper way to find such a partner. They never learn the secret of the captain’s sail or the recipe of the healing salve.

What is that secret? In short, the way to a godly man’s heart is through worship of his master, obedience to heavenly principles, and a gentle spirit that sends warmth and comfort through your healing hands.

Instead, many young women listen to a counterfeit call, a trumpet blaring a falsehood—that their beauty must be physical—a lure to capture someone for selfish purposes, when their priority should be to strive for inner beauty that inspires a man to take up a spiritual sword and set captives free.

When physical beauty becomes paramount, a desire to help and support becomes a hunger to take and own. The hope to hear words of affirmation that she has been a good and faithful helpmate transforms into a hopeless search for eyes that admire and lips that speak words of appreciation for her outward appearance rather than for the beauty of her soul. And such a search never ends in true satisfaction.

You, however, are listening to your creator’s call, a gentle voice within that whispers reminders of how you were really fashioned, to be a woman of virtue, of inner beauty, of priceless value. The trumpet announces your need to strut, expose, and seduce, while the inner voice sings of ways to dress your soul in virtue—to feed the hungry, cover those laid bare, infuse encouragement into the hearts of the downtrodden, and nurture the victims of poverty, disease, and abandonment.

As a young woman of virtue, you understand what will happen if you heed the trumpet’s call to lure with flesh and flair. You will draw attention, but from whom? Someone who values face and form but not the heart. Because his desire is for his own benefit, he will not respond with love but with selfishness. And when your flower of youth fades, he will not perceive value in your soul, and you will never achieve the holy union of hearts for which you were created.

If you listen to the creator’s call, you will suffer temporary loss. When you pour out compassion and pity instead of skin and superficiality, you will be considered old-fashioned, out-of-touch, a prude. Yet, within the fair bosom you are saving for a true warrior, you will be nurturing a heart of unspoiled beauty, for it has not been taken at a cheap price. It has not been hardened by a wolf who captures, abuses, and departs. And with such a heart, you will be able to reach out and be the captain’s sail, the warrior’s reason for drawing his sword, and the soothing salve for hearts less whole than your own.

The heart of a woman is more precious than pearls, and a man of worth sees it as a priceless treasure. He knows that she is the energy that drives his purpose, and without her, the pursuit of his vision for God’s purpose will be sluggish indeed. For the honor of taking that heart to join with him in fulfilling that vision, he will give his life, his heart, and his soul.

The woman who has prepared her heart for that adventure will never regret the small price she paid. Scorn fades, and satisfaction blossoms. Contempt crumbles to dust, and contentment rises in its place. Ridicule is forgotten, while refreshment of the soul lives for as long as the heart pumps its life-giving energy.

Whether you take up the sword yourself or choose to unite with a warrior, now is the time to live according to this standard. It might seem that you are walking the path alone, yet, you are never alone. The One who planted the heart within you will never leave your side, and He will continue to sing the song that fashioned you as a woman of virtue.

Listen. It is there. You will have to tune out the surrounding noise, but the sounds of love and virtue will never be silenced, if only you know the Singer and His song.



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  1. Thank you so much for this. God has given you exactly the words that I and I’m sure so many other young ladies need to hear right now. Even as the world sounds the call of lies and false light, the Lover of our Souls is calling out it His way. We are His children, covered by His grace and blessed by His love, and what better way to show our gratitude than to strive always to send that same love out into a world that does not know God?

  2. By His grace, I will keep my light burning.
    Thank You.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to stay pure. To wait for the warrior God calls me to and not run to a false soldier who will scar and wound me. And thank you for reminding that it is also alright to find a husband. It is alright to have God as my eternal partner and take up His sword.
    And to all the women out there remember we are Oracles of Fire

  4. So good! I printed this out when you first posted it years ago, and I still pull it out to reread every now and then. Thank you for the encouragement, Mr. Davis! 🙂

  5. Wow! You are SO eloquent! And everything you said is valuable and is firmly rooted in truth. Thank you so much for the encouragement! You are amazing. I love how God speaks through his servants, whether they are authors, artists, etc. 🙂

  6. This is great! Thank you!

  7. This is amazing. I’m going through a hard time in life right now. The world is telling me that I need to do this and that, but God is saying no to that. This is really inspiring, because it reminds me that I have God on my side, whether I take up His word as a sword or simply help the men in my life fight for the light. I had to read this twice to let it sink in. Sometimes, I think that I am one of those women who goes out personally. I don’t know if that is what I am supposed to do, but reading this has reminded me-God will show me where I need to go and what I have to do. Thank you, Mr.Davis. Since I started reading this blog, I have felt closer to God in what you say. You are a blessing.

  8. I am not a young woman, or even a woman, but I still feel the need to respond to this. Your eloquence is astounding, and the message is even better. This, and messages like it, should replace all of the “beauty” magazines in the world, as it is more important for young women to read and heed this advice. Personally, any girl that lives by this is far more beautiful than any supermodel is, or could ever dream of being. I just wish that more girls could realize this at a young age, and then live following your message for the rest of their lives.

  9. As a man reading this, I could not help but agree to this full heart-idly. With some of my own struggles I am going through right now I am seeing a lot of this play out to be true. As a Godly man, it is definitely true that the way to our hearts is to focus on our God and worship, and the rest will come.

  10. I am thankful for the positive comments. I also welcome civil discussion from those who disagree, but if disagreement sinks to the level of insulting rhetoric, I will delete such comments and disallow future participation.

  11. Thank you so much for posting this Mr. Davis it is a great encouragement and reminder to all young woman.

  12. Do you think you will be posting the message for young men?


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