Inspirational Quotes for Writers #4

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A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. – Thomas Mann



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  1. I think I may have misunderstood the quote but what I got from it was, that it is more difficult for writers because they do it more and so it increases the amount of times that they have a possibility for it to be hard.

    • That’s not how it is for me. As a writer, I study the craft, and I have learned a great deal about the techniques. Add that to a passion for perfection, and the writing becomes far more difficult. I think about every sentence, every word, and how each technique can be applied to every paragraph.

      The more I learn, the harder writing becomes. I love it. I have a passion for it. I want it to be perfect. Since I know much more about what writing perfection is, I have to labor that much harder to achieve that higher standard.

      • Very true! It reminds me of the second novel I ever wrote–at the time, I thought it was fabulous. Tight writing, great characters, engaging plot . . . But now I see that the writing is weak, the characters inconsistent, and the plot riddled with holes. XD I’ve learned so much since then that rewriting this book will be a lot harder than drafting it was.

  2. Oh, from that angle I completely understand and would agree, especially because I am a perfectionist in all areas, but it comes out all the more in areas that I specialize in, such as IT security.

  3. This is so very true.

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