The Code of a Knight – Part Three

SpitPolishnew2These are thoughts from my book Spit and Polish for Husbands:

  1. A knight exercises his inner man in order to know and relate to God, the creator of man’s spirit, the aspect of man’s being that transcends the physical. Without eternal perspective, a knight’s physical and mental pursuits will count for nothing. Whether he slays dragons, rescues fair maidens, or even conquers kingdoms, if he dies and rots in the grave he has accomplished nothing of lasting value. Deep down, each knight knows there is something beyond this earth.

A knight’s quest for purpose begins in his heart. Being a man of God is a long, hard ride. He needs a reason to endure the saddle sores of daily self-sacrifice and to resist the bitter winds of tribulation. He first looks to his lady, the woman for whom he draws his sword. Yes, she is worth fighting for, even to the death, but like the flowers of the field she will also pass away. Only the Word of God lasts forever, and on the rock of this confession a knight can endure any hardships and withstand any storms.

To build on that foundation, a knight must seek wisdom—the basic source of spiritual nutrition that feeds his soul. Where will he find it? You guessed it, in the Bible. There’s no excuse for lacking in biblical knowledge. The greatest source of dynamic spiritual energy in the universe lies between two easily parted covers of leather or paper. It is gift-wrapped wisdom. It is spiritual adrenaline disguised as ink on paper. It is a smorgasbord for our souls. It is ready to eat, tastier than a military MRE, infinitely more nutritious, and, best of all, there are no dishes to clean up.

So, let’s study it! If we need help, there are mountains of good study guides and more than a handful of people at churches who will gladly help us to understand the basics of Bible study. Once we’re reasonably equipped in these rudiments, however, we should learn to feed ourselves. A man alone with God and His Word is the first step in God’s plan for each person who calls upon His name. God seeks worshipers who love Him with all their hearts. And in our quiet places, in solitary communion with our Lord, we will digest the spiritual food and drink that will empower us for His service.

Having firmly embraced God’s Word, a knight gains confidence in God’s guiding hand. He finds reason to be courageous. He knows that God will always keep His Word, never leaving him or forsaking him. God is his security, his everlasting source of comfort. Although his wife offers many assurances, a knight doesn’t have to rely on any earthly source of security.


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