The Code of a Knight – Part Six

SpitPolishnew2These are thoughts from my book Spit and Polish for Husbands:

  1. A knight is humble. He does not boast of his accomplishments, but he gladly exults in the virtuous deeds of his allies because other good knights will not boast of themselves.

If we successfully follow the Old Code, we’ll discover that we stand head and shoulders above most men. It’s not a sin to notice the reality of our upright character, but we should never let pride sneak into our brains. Without God we would be nothing, non-existent, without even an inkling of a thought. A man who ignores God, though he rule the world, is worthless and less than a blurry blip on creation’s eternal radar. Although we can develop massive muscles, brawny brains, and savvy spirituality, we’re still the creature, not the Creator. Walk humbly, men, knowing that we possess nothing that God hasn’t given us.

Remember, however, that with God-endowed power we’re conquerors for Christ. We can stamp a massive imprint on history. We’re rocks of strength, able to forge a radical difference in this world of marshmallow men.

Think about it. A knight in shining armor is not exactly normal, and I’m not talking about any earth-shattering acts he might achieve. When he simply takes out the garbage without being asked, a news crew (complete with a live-feed satellite van) could roar into his driveway to cover this “breaking story.” And when he changes a dirty diaper? Heaven help us! There’s sure to be live coverage, interviews with his elementary school teachers, and expert opinions from mental-health correspondents. No man in his right mind has ever attempted such a feat of nose-boggling dexterity! The world will lean closer to their television sets as a reporter asks, “How long has your wife been out of town?”

Seriously, every time we make a real sacrifice for others, we’ll shine like beacons in our spiritually dark world. How much more of an eternal impact will we make when we surrender every moment to God’s will? There may be no cameras, microphones, or blurbs on page fifteen of our local newspapers. Our sacrificial acts may pass unnoticed. Men who sacrifice often bleed alone. But we seek not such rewards of this world: photo opportunities from media hounds, the massaging adoration of clinging fans, or even a pat on the back from sympathetic buddies. We seek only these words from the author and finisher of our faith, “Well done good and faithful servant.” And in these words alone we breathe soul-satisfying sighs. May our Lord always find us faithful.



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  1. This is actually an area that I am struggling with, and I did not even realize it until one of my friends pointed it out, and is working on it with me.


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