Favorite Male Character Poll for Dragons in our Midst

poll2It’s time for a new poll, this time about your favorite male characters from the Dragons in our Midst story world. I will conduct another poll on a later date about other series. You may choose up to three names and/or add a name if your choice isn’t on the list.

Also, you are welcome to comment about your choice. πŸ™‚




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  1. Elam, Walter, and Gabriel. <3

  2. I voted for Elam, Walter, and Billy. I haven’t read the Children of the Bard series yet, so I might have even more favorites after reading that one πŸ™‚

  3. I voted for Elam and Gabriel. I didn’t like anyone else more then another.

  4. I voted for Sr Barlow Walter and Gabriel.

  5. Professor Hamilton, Billy Bannister, Walter Foley

  6. I noticed that someone voted for Adrian Masters, which is showing up in the “other” category. Adrian is not part of the DioM story world.

  7. Now someone has voted for Arxad. Arxad is not part of the DioM story world. Please vote only for male characters from the DioM story world.

  8. Walter, Professor Hamilton, and Sir Barlow. No questions. nods

  9. Elam, Walter, and Eagle/Derrick πŸ™‚

  10. Billy, Walter, and Prof. Hamilton

  11. Maikaidos, Dr. Conner, Elam, and Clefspeare. In that order πŸ˜€

  12. All those I chose, I look up to for courage and integrity, but there is more for each, too.
    Walter: Because he balances true integrity and stoicism with lighthearted humor, each when it is most necessary.
    Elam: Because he showed Naamah mercy, and was kind to her despite former opposition.
    Joran: Because he had the courage to ask a question that I still think about to this day, seeking a complete answer: “And what color is mercy?”

  13. I liked a lot. . .your characters are so loveable! I love Walter ’cause he’s hilarious, but also knows when to be serious, and Billy ’cause he’s awesome and his faith is awesome, Elam ’cause he’s awesome and a good role model, and many others. MANY! . . .hehe. . .

  14. Elam, Sir Barlow, and Valiant!

  15. Sir Barlow, Elam, Professor Hamilton

  16. I voted for Elam, Walter, and Professor Hamilton, but I wish I could’ve also selected Billy, Merlin, Eagle, and Timothy/Makaidos. Okay, okay, all of them! Picking is so hard! I’m glad this was just for DIOM characters, or else it would be nigh impossible.

  17. I chose Walter, Elam, and Sir Barlow. This was kind of tough. Not as tough as the female poll, though, possibly because there were only characters from the DIOM world. Either way, it was tough.

    • I chose Walter because he’s hilarious and has a lot of faith and courage. Elam because of his faith, his devotion to Sapphira, and his really really really loooonnng endurance. Barlow because of his funnyness, humor, and really bad idioms. πŸ™‚ They’re pretty cool.

      I’m lovin’ this favorite character poll. It’s awesome.

  18. We should have a favorite dragon poll. I know who I would choose…
    I’m wondering if the ‘best’ bad guy poll is going to be determined by cunning, dangerousness, evil, etc… or just our favorite bad guy.

    • I like the idea of favorite dragon poll. But, then you’d have bad dragons mixed in with the good dragons from the different series… I’m afraid it’d get conflicting on how and who to vote. πŸ˜›

  19. In the “other” category, we have two votes for Adrian Masters, one for Arxad, one for Nathan Shepherd, and one for “Bonnie, Lauren, Sapphira, Ashley.”

    Are the instructions not clear enough? Getting these votes surprised me.

    We also have one vote for Goliath. That one fits the instructions. I apologize for forgetting to put him on the list.

  20. I’m a little late, but I had no electronics yesterday… Anyways! Very hard decision, but I chose Walter, Eagle, and Matt. I would’ve done Billy, Sir Barlow, Elam…

  21. Too many to choose from! You make them all near impossible to have a favorite sigh 😊

  22. Is there a reason that Yereq wasn’t on there?

  23. Ugh! I had such a hard time deciding! I had 4 favorites, so I had to pick who to drop between Prof. Hamilton, Walter Foley, Billy Bannister and Sir Barlow. Sorry Billy…
    You just have such good characters, how am I supposed to pick?! πŸ™‚

  24. Gabriel, Billy and Matt. Also love Walter and Elam, but had to chose only 3 πŸ™

    Gabriel is like my ALL time favorite DioM male character!! The scenes where he looks after Shiloh and then Bonnie are so adorable and heartbreaking at the same time! I also love that scene where he’s reunited with his daughter, it was so sweet!!

    Billy character is so admirable. He’s chivalrous, brave and devoted. Everything he and Bonnie went through and he never loses faith. Forget about Prince Charming, I want a guy like Billy! πŸ™‚

    Matt, how I wish he was my twin brother! I mean, everything he did for Lauren even though he barely even knew her! And I mean he’s Billy and Bonnie’s son!

  25. I voted for Walter, Elam, and Gabriel.
    They have such deep meaning to me.
    Walter, the funny man, but willing to sacrifice everything for his friends.
    Elam, the truest gentleman ever!
    and Gabriel, he’s so similar to Walter in the personality department, but he’s also the weakest anthrozill and I love then all.

  26. Walter all the way! He’s a legend, a perfect blend of valor and humor. He might be my favorite character in any book series ever!

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