Favorite Male Character Poll Outside of Dragons in our Midst

Ipoll2t’s time for a new poll, this time about your favorite male characters outside of the Dragons in our Midst story world. You may choose up to three names and/or add a name if your choice isn’t on the list.

Also, you are welcome to comment about your choice. πŸ™‚




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  1. Was John Hanson the dad in I know why the angels dance?

  2. I voted for Phoenix and Nathan Shepherd. Alas, I need to read Echoes from the Edge again, since I can’t remember anyone’s names from there.

  3. I have a lot of catching up to do with your books(hard to find time to read the last couple years) but I am going to vote for what chars I remember liking and the ones that gave me the best indication that they had somethig interesting going on that would be revealed in the sequels πŸ™‚

  4. I chose Adrian Masters because when the story starts he seems so mature and capable, but as you go along he falters and fails many times, but he humbles himself to be able to be guided by those like his father, or Marcelle, or even his little brother. I think he has a lot of character development. I think he’s my favorite book character of yours all in all, besides Bonnie and Saphira ☺️

  5. I voted for Jason and Adrian Masters, and Nathan Shepherd, all for similar reasons. πŸ™‚

  6. Phoenix hands down. I just so appreciate virtuous lovers (in the most divine sense of the word) in a vicious world…

  7. I voted for Phoenix, Adrian Masters, and Nathan Shepherd

  8. Mr. Davis, would Randall Prescott be counted in this as well? (the son of the Governor Prescott from Dragons of Starlight)

  9. I voted for Pheonix, Arxad, and Jason.
    Pheonix has a courage, compassion, and love that I look up to and really appreciate.
    Arxad for being the kindest and one of the only good dragons and in the midst of all the slaver dragons.
    Jason for his courage, love, and smarts that is incredibly impressive and hard to match.
    Thank you, Mr. Davis, for this specific poll. I was hoping to vote for them at some time or other. πŸ™‚

  10. I voted for Arxad, Nathan Shepherd and Tibalt.
    Arxad had an amazing fatherly-like character for a dragon, and Nathan had a respectable high standard of purity.
    Tibalt wasn’t up there but I just loved his funny, child-like personality, and yet he was willing to give it all when it really counted. πŸ™‚ [Plus I think it was also because his description reminded me of Professor Hamilton/Merlin’s appearance. :} ]

  11. I always liked the Masters boys. (I voted for Adrian and Jason) Their relationship with each other was so amazing and real.

    Adrian: I also loved how Adrian treated Regina, like if she was his little sister. Adrian also reminded me of my best friend, so I guess that added to why I liked him, even more than Jason who is also a favorite of mine; Adrian’s personality, his chivalrous, gentlemanness, courteous way if treating women, his relationship with Marcelle, his courage and devotion to duty, the way he changes/develops through the series, I just really liked him πŸ™‚

    Jason: Jason was also a great character. I really liked the way he admired his brother. It was interesting to see how he goes from not believing that there was another planet to being one of the most important characters in the liberation of the slaves. One of my favorite parts is when he questions if they (the people of his planet) even know what freedom is, because even though they’re not technically slaves, they’ve allowed their government to control them to the point that everything they do is regulated. His dialogue there was really thought provoking.

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