Who is the "Best" Villain in My Books?

poll2When I ask for the “best” villain, I mean the most compelling, the person who convinces you to boo and hiss, the villain you want the hero to stop, defeat, and bring to justice.

I did not include villains who turned away from evil, because they ended up being heroes instead of villains.

I added a series identifier for each in case you can’t remember which story the villain is from. DioM is the Dragons in our Midst story world. DoS is Dragons of Starlight. ToS is Tales of Starlight. EftE is Echoes from the Edge. Reapers is the Reapers Trilogy.

This time I am not allowing write-in votes. If you want to vote for someone who is not on the list, please comment about that before you vote, and I will consider adding the villain.

Feel free to add other comments as well.

Update – I added Samyaza.


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  1. Mictar first; he creeps me out. Then Sir Devin for his twisted motives- I mean, he’s not as twisted as Morgan or Arramos, obviously, but he thinks he’s doing the right thing in a way. And then Tamiel because of The Seventh Door, in which he was overdramatic and knowingly played up his villainness just to taunt Matt and company.

  2. I voted for Alex, cause she was creepy, then Arramos/Satan, because. . .well, it says Satan right there, doesn’t it? And Devin. Because he’s Devin. I don’t know, I just wanted them to stop him! He comes back again and again. Kinda weird. Plus, he was the first villain I’ve ever “met” in your books, Mr. Davis.

  3. I voted for Tamiel – he just always though he could win, and was always taunting and tricking people- and for Arramos/Satan- he was just plain evil, hence the name ‘Satan’- and for Alex- whom I didn’t like, for she was always making everything harder for the heroes, and as said in comments above, she was just creepy.

  4. I only voted for Taushin. I found all your villains compelling, but Taushin was the epitome of terror and malevolence to me. Not just because he was prophesied but because of his manipulative tactics.

  5. I voted for Sir Devin, but then I was like, “Wait, MORGAN WAS WAY BETTER!!!”

    I was surprised that Mardon was not in the list. Also Samyaza and the rest of the Watchers, and King Nimrod.

  6. Mardon is now on the list. I apologize for that glaring omission.

  7. So I’m guessing we can only vote for one, right? Since “best” kind of excludes the possibility of multiple choices… XD Or is it three like the other polls?

      • Great! I voted for Mictar because he was downright CREEPY; Morgan because she’s a ‘classic’ villain and one I mentally booed all the way; and Drexel because he was maddening. Semiramis allllmost squeaked into the top three, because in OoF she played with my brain every time she showed up. My opinion of her constantly wavered–a sure sign of masterful character complexity. šŸ˜‰

  8. I liked Tamiel more than all the others. (In DioM, I haven’t read the others.) Morgan, Devin, Mardon, and Arramos always focused on the end-game scenario. I always liked the fact that Tamiel seemed to enjoy the “game” more, the ‘playful’ battle between good and evil. The ultimate game of chess. It was something fresh for me, something you usually don’t see in villains.

  9. Spoilers for The Seventh Door and Omega Dragon

    I voted for Mardon, besides Semiramis and Tamiel. Not because I really wanted Mardon to lose, but because I really wanted his apparent change of heart in The Seventh Door to be real. Even though Marilyn never believed him, I wanted to.

    I also voted for him because I really enjoyed Enoch’s Ghost and his villainy in that book. Enoch’s Ghost is one of my favourites in the DioM storyworld.

    Tamiel is self-explanatory. I hated Semiramis.

  10. This was a little tricky, but just thinking about what these villanous-villains have done… I’ve got jitters thinking about it! :} I voted for Tamiel, Taushin, and Mictar.
    Mictar was just so ruthless, and his pale appearance and strange abilities just give me the creepies!!! Taushin was so deceptive! Some of his statements challenged my mind and got me confused along with Koren. And Tamiel … I have only read Song of the Ovulum from the Children of the Bard Series, but his interaction with Lauren for the first time… All I can say is nightmarish!
    Great job on creating such compelling and frightening villains, Mr. Davis! May the “best” villain win! šŸ˜‰

  11. I almost forgot who each villain was in the DIOM series, I guess that mean it’s time to reread them! šŸ˜„

  12. I voted for Devin, because he got so annoying! He just kept coming back time and time again, and was relentless in his quest to obtain the blood he needed. And what he did to Bonnie, oh that put him on my bad list. But he is still one of the better villains since it is because of him Bonnie grew stronger in her faith and was able to defeat the candlestone, among many other reasons, but this is my favorite. Mictar, because for one, like everyone else, he was creepy and relentless! He’d show up in the unexpected places. But he also pushed Nathan to fight even harder, so that is a plus on his part, but still he gives me the creeps! And Semiramis, oh don’t even get me started on her! That woman was conniving and twisted. I honestly can’t think of a good thing to say about her. That’s just my input on your villains šŸ˜‰

  13. I voted for Semiramis, Taushin, and Tamiel.
    I grin my teeth anytime they are on scene.
    I went with them b/c of these:
    Semiramis b/c she is so crafty and always has her own agenda and she doesn’t seem to care who she takes down along the way.
    Taushin b/c of his slyness and, like Semiramis, he is crafty and doesn’t care who he hurts and he believes that love requires chains.
    And last but not least, Tamiel b/c he is so crafty and evil and I hate bad guys who use hostages and kill people to manipulate other people.
    These are awesome bad guys, Mr. Davis. šŸ™‚

  14. Semiramis always makes my skin crawl ’cause no one can tell what her motives are. She’s playing for herself, and you never know if you can trust her or not. She confuses everyone, twists the truth, and uses every weapon in her disposal for her personal plans. In my opinion, she’s the best worst villain.

  15. I still don’t see Samyaza on the list.

  16. I voted for Sir Devin because not only is he sick, but he looks creepy too. I disliked Morgan a lot too. Taushin I disliked because he twisted wrong things into seeming right. He almost convinced me as the reader a couple of times…

  17. Getting out of here. I haven’t finished Children of the Bard. :p

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