It’s Not Too Late for Christmas Shopping – A Few Sales are In Progress

I have a sale going for Christmas shopping season, hoping people will try out a series they haven’t read yet.

Reapers – $4 (Paperback) or $10 (Hardcover)
Time Echoes – $5 (Paperback) or $10 (Hardcover)
Masters & Slayers – $6 (Paperback) or $12 (Hardcover)
Starlighter – $5 (Paperback)
Heaven Came Down – $9 (Paperback)
(Prices do not include shipping)

Because of the lower first-book prices, I also lowered the prices of some of the full series.

I hope you’ll pick up one or more of these books for your collection. The sale ends December 18.

Shopping link –¬†

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