Twenty-year Anniversary Contest Announcement

On May 1, I will celebrate 20 years as a fulltime author. As part of the celebration, I will conduct a new contest, and I am announcing it now to give everyone time to prepare.


I posted the full set of rules and helpful resources at this link –


Please read these rules thoroughly.


Following is a quick description.


Help me get exposure for my books by posting on social media about three of my books:


Book #1 – One of the Oculus Gate books (Heaven Came Down, Invading Hell, or My Soul to Take)

Book #2 – Search for the Astral Dragon

Book #3 – One of your favorites from my earlier books.


Incentive: Each post will gain points. The number of points will be determined by what you include in the post:


  1. A cover image – 10 points.
  2. A purchase link – 10 points.
  3. A review – 20 points for a written review or 40 points for a video review.
  4. Premium post – Posting book #1 or book #2 doubles your points for that post.
  5. Video of an acted scene or a dramatic reading – 150 bonus points per book


Any single post can include one or more of the above items. Therefore, a single post can be worth between 10 points and 60 points or doubled to between 20 points and 120 points.


Also, to help me spread the word about this contest, you will gain 50 points for publicly sharing this post or linking to it. Please email me as soon as possible if you plan to participate –


Date Range: Post during the month of May, 2022.


There are qualifications and limitations for posts. Please see the complete rules for those.


It’s easy to win a prize. Everyone who posts at least one review will get a free ebook.


Prizes for accumulated points:


1st prize for most points – Your choice of:


#1 – an Amazon Kindle with a bunch of my ebooks loaded on it:

#2 – A two-handed broadsword.

#3 – All 12 Dragons in our Midst audio books on MP3 disks, plus all 3 Reapers audio books on MP3 disks. For those who don’t have an MP3 disk reader, I will supply the files on a flash drive.


2nd place will choose from the two prizes the first place winner does not choose.


3rd place will get the remaining prize.


All contestants who achieve certain point levels will be awarded prizes.


Two thousand points – All ebook files published by Scrub Jay Journeys.


One thousand points – An ebook series of your choice.


Five hundred points – An ebook of your choice.


I will keep an online points spreadsheet that you will be able to see as the contest progresses. See the full rules for the spreadsheet link.


Even if you don’t win something, I hope you will help me on my twentieth anniversary of being an author. I realize that posting about this contest will draw in competitors, but I need a lot of participation to make it work, so I hope you will share this post or link to it for others to see.


Thank you for supporting me through these twenty years. I feel blessed to have so many faithful readers.

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  1. Would art for the books give you points?

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