Top Ten Most Difficult Books to Write – #8

Top ten most difficult books for me to write:
#8 – Raising Dragons (Book #1 in Dragons in our Midst)
This story began almost 30 years ago as a dream about a boy who could breathe fire, a short, simple dream that had no explanation. I told my oldest son about it (he was 13 years old at the time), and we brainstormed how a boy could breathe fire and came up with the basic premise. Since I wasn’t a full-time author then, it took me a year to write the first draft, which was drastically different from the final (Bonnie wasn’t even in the first draft).
During the process of sending it to publishers and agents over an 8-year period and receiving more than 200 rejections, I rewrote the book 24 times. That grueling process put this book in the top-ten list of difficulty, but I am glad for the opportunity to make changes. If the first draft had been published, I doubt that I would be able to stand to read it now. In fact, I rewrote it again, and the version that is on the market now is not the original published work.

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