Top Ten Most Difficult Books to Write – #6

Top ten most difficult books for me to write:
#6 – Let the Ghosts Speak
The idea for this story came from a dream I had about 15 years ago. I dreamed much of what is now the first chapter, a startling, scary dream that shook me awake with a cold sweat.
I thought about making the dream into a novel, but I decided I wasn’t ready to tackle it. I was too inexperienced as a writer, especially since this would have to be a historical fiction story, and I had never written one.
Over the years, the dream nagged at me, never fully letting me go. After about 12 years, I decided that I was finally ready to write it.
I conducted a lot of research, reading many books about France in the 1800s, and I virtually toured Paris, especially old buildings and the catacombs, through online videos.
I also had to change my writing style to create an atmosphere that felt older and European, and I chose to write a first-person memoir narrative through the eyes of someone who thought he might be going insane. That was quite a challenge.
Near the end of the story I added a crucial section from a different character’s point of view. It was difficult to do so but absolutely essential, as readers of the book understand.
All of these elements combined to earn this book a spot in my top ten most difficult books to write, but I also think it’s my best work.

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