Dragons in our Midst Adventure Log


The Dragons In Our Midst Adventure Logbook is an activity guide through the Dragons in our Midst series. With 94 full-color pages, it is bound to be a hit for readers of the series.

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The Dragons In Our Midst Adventure Logbook was created in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Raising Dragons. Inspired by letters, emails, short stories, and artwork received from readers during the last 20 years, this activity book seeks to tap into a reader’s imagination, prompt creative expression, and encourage story analysis.

Rally round, adventurers! Join the characters in the Dragons In Our Midst story world on an exciting, faith-affirming, friendship-building journey to high adventure, as well as travel to other times and places.

Why not invite a sibling or friend along? Adventures are even more fun when shared with family and friends. Together you can experience the thrill of the story, brainstorm possible solutions to problems the characters face, grow in confidence, and mature in faith as you immerse yourself in the Dragons In Our Midst world. Once you complete Tears of a Dragon, be sure to continue on the journey by reading the Oracles of Fire series, beginning with Eye Of The Oracle.

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