Erika C. – Your Books Have Been With Me

Mr. Davis.

I would like to start this letter off by saying ‘thank you! Your books (pertaining to the DIOM series, specifically) have changed my life forever. I type this as a twenty-year-old college student who began reading your series almost ten years ago, and I can honestly say that your writings have been more influential to me than practically any other fictional book I’ve come across. (I do, however, reserve a special place in my heart for C.S. Lewis and his stories of Narnia.) Your books, alongside a healthy dose of Scripture, have encouraged me to embrace the Spirit within me, and fully immerse myself in the Glory that is our Maker.

Mr. Davis, your books have traveled with me all across the country. The Bones of Makaidos has been with me through every major flight, and currently resides on the bookshelf in my apartment, next to the rest of the lot. Though they may be water-and-coffee­stained, with signs of wear and tear around the edges. your books have always remained precious to me.

About four or five years ago, you visited a mall called Rivertown Crossings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You’d made a post on Facebook about being at the Barnes & Noble for signings that day, and I about lost my marbles when I found out. I ended up begging my dad to make the forty-minute drive so I could meet you. I remember wandering the store, searching every nook and cranny for where you might have been. Upon finally meeting you, every rehearsed word I had come up with completely vanished from my mind. I imagine that, had I lived in the time of dear C.S. Lewis. I would have embarrassingly acted the same­ stumbling over words and gazing wonderfully star-struck. But you greeted me with a kind smile, and even signed my horribly beaten-up copy of Makaidos. But what happened about a week or so later is what really stands out, and is what I would like to recount for you: I received a letter. From you.

You see, when my terrified self finally got to meet you, my dad snapped a quick photo, and I awkwardly handed you a letter folded six ways to Sunday. The letter, ifl recall correctly, commented on how much I adored your books. and what they meant for me. After about a week, I received your response, though every thought in my mind figured you would just read the letter and that would be it. But you took the time to type out a response, and correspond with me. That letter now resides in my apartment, and while it doesn’t contain much physically, spiritually, it means a great deal to me. I carry that letter with me because the creator of characters like Bonnie and Ashley and Shiloh and Naamah truly cares about his work. I carry that letter with me because it shows, to me, just how much heart you put into what you write. Your letter inspires me every day, Mr. Davis. and I thought it was about time that I send you another letter, thanking you for it.

Your books have been with me through thick and thin, through moments of self­doubt, and moments of astounding courage. I’m currently re-reading all of them, and I am joyfully reminded of the power words can have on a soul. As Scripture rejuvenates and empowers my soul, your books help to give it a little extra boost. As I watch characters develop and stories unfold before my very eyes, I feel a great sense of gratitude for you and your incredible mind. Not one of your characters is without a unique story and development, and they inspire me to, perhaps someday, write my own stories. I don’t quite know how to go about researching Arthurian lore as well as you did, though. That alone is an incredible feat, and you weave a masterful tale.

I’m sure I could go on and on about what your books mean to me, but for now, I just want to send you a friendly thank-you note. I hope this brings you joy.

May the Creator continue to bless you and yours for years to come. Kindest Regards and Many Thanks,

Ben P. – Heart Filled With Love

Mr. Davis,

I have just finished reading Omega Dragon for the first time (I finished it about an hour ago.) Having read through Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Children of the Bard, and Time Echoes over a period of four years, I am extremely grateful for your work. I realize that you probably hear this a lot, but, truly, I am a better person for reading your books. Every time I reach a low point in my spiritual journey, I pull out one of your books and it lifts me up.

The characters inspire me to live more in tune with God, and the stories themselves point to Him. After finishing Omega Dragon, my heart is filled with love for Jesus, anger at His enemies, and excitement for the day I can finally meet Him.

Truly, Mr. Davis, authors like you are, as Listener would put it, as rare as red diamonds.

God has blessed you and your writing, and I trust He will continue to do so.

Madeline M. – Your pen helped change my life

Greetings Mr. Davis,

Though it was quite some time ago, your first young adult novels had a profound impact on my spiritual growth as a teen; and a much-belated and much-deserved thanks is due.

Writing to you a decade down the road since I came across these books, it’s been placed on my heart to express my gratitude for your authorship of Dragons in Our Midst. Specifically, I’d like to thank you for Billy and Bonnie, who set a Christ-centered example which carried me through those young impressionable years into spiritual maturity and the fullness of our Lord’s Life. These role models became a subconscious standard; one which, now I see, clearly protected me from many many dangerous turns off the narrow path.

I didn’t realize how much Bonnie’s example of purity, humility,  perseverance, and faith truly directed my shaky steps as a new Christian back when I was so young and lost. Likewise, Billy and Bonnie’s relationship served as a guide which I greatly needed as I grew up surrounded by the lies of this world.

Encouraged by Christ through these characters to live in simple wisdom and innocence – I rejoice in being able to live, serve, fall in love, and worship God His way.

Your mentorship has poured through these characters and into countless individuals, I’m sure. I wish you could see the amount of change these works have brought about in your readers lives.

All things considered, your pen helped change my life, and I will never be able to thank our Father enough for it.

No response is needed, goodness knows what you’re busy writing next.


God has surely used you to bless me. I look forward to meeting you when we’re called Home.

– Madeline M.

Megan – A deeper understanding of sacrificial love

Dear Mr. Davis,

I’m laughing to myself realizing that the last time I wrote you I said pretty much the same thing I’m going to say now. I have just finished reading Omega Dragon for the first time. I had recently purchased the entire collection, but had not read the last two books, so I embarked yet again on the Dragons in our Midst adventure.

Having at last finished all of them, including the Seventh Door and Omega Dragon, I just wanted to let you know that they continue to touch my heart deeply. In particular, Bonnie’s song is an inspiration to me. As I read about the purity ovulum’s song now instilled in Bonnie’s heart, I thought back on her time in the candlestone, surrounded by darkness, singing out to the Lord. This created a shield of light around her, protecting her from despair and all other manner of evil. It’s been a reminder to me to sing to the Lord on days where my heart is heavy or darkness seeks to overwhelm me.

I am an avid reader who enjoys a wide variety of subjects and genres, but no other books have captured my heart so consistently over the years as these 12 books have. I have reread them more than any other. I have shed more tears of joy and sorrow during my time between their pages than any other. These are the books that taught me to dance with Jehovah, sing away the darkness, and gave me a deeper understanding of sacrificial love.

These books will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you again for what you’re doing. Have a wonderful day.


Nicole J. – He couldn’t put it down

Just wanted to share. I’m a foster mom and we have had a young man in our home for 3 years and he is very drawn to the dark side. I bought the Dragons In Our Midst the first book for him for Christmas and he couldn’t put it down. He loved it. I purchased the 2nd book a few months ago and he couldn’t put it down. I just ordered the last 2 books and they will be here any day now. He is anxiously waiting. So thank you! I would rather have the kids reading this than Harry Potter.


Bridgett – I almost started crying

Hi Bryan,

I wanted to say thank you! I met you at a Christian home schooling conference in Kitchener Ontario and bought all four books of Dragons in our Midst for my 12 year old son. He is having such a difficult time and was not interested in anything in life except video games. He never picked anything at the library except graphic novels and has been so cold towards the Lord.
I started reading book one to him aloud and he was hooked! After about 5 chapters he had to have the book because he wanted to read it more than we were reading it together 🙂 when I gave it to him he immediately started reading it aloud to me! (I almost started crying right there!) he was also so eager to grab his bible to look up scripture that was mentioned and has recently made a profession of faith. He is reading his bible and believe that is also in part to the fact that your books brought him to a place where reading wasn’t scary anymore!
Thank you for following your passion and writing books that can touch youth with truth and honesty! I can’t wait to get every book you’ve written to build a library for my son of books that he not only reads but devours!!!
Thank you!

Samuel W. – My deepest thanks

Dear Mr. Davis;

My name is Samuel, and I would like to extend my deepest thanks. I don’t know if you remember, but a few years back I emailed you asking to come visit my middle school, and while nothing worked out, younger me was thrilled you emailed back at all!

Your work not only spurred my love of reading, but helped me in my walk with God and living a life full of faith. but I won’t lie. I kind of cheated. Not only myself, but you and God, if that can even be considered possible. The first time I read through Dragons In Our Midst and Oracles Of Fire, I skimmed over the prayers, journals, songs, and prophecies. I thought they took away from the epic fighting scenes between Billy and Sir Devin, the Clashes between dragons, Watchers, and humans, thought it took away from Walter’s jokes, from the wonderful character building, lovely detail, and put a stop in the story as a whole. And I want to apologize so very deeply for ever thinking that.

That was when I was younger, however, and a lot of time has passed since then. I had re-read most of the books, doing the same thing until, on a sleepless night, I realized my mistake. The scriptures and prayers didn’t take away, if anything they were the stars of the book! No longer did they pause the intense fights, they highlighted and accented and added to them. I had missed the purpose of the book, because i thought it was a little boring. I Told myself i would read through them all again, from the beginning, and really focus on each piece of scripture, each prayer Bonnie wrote or said, each journal entry, each song sung to glorify the Lord. Focus and figure out what they meant, and what they meant to me.

There was a small problem, however. I Couldn’t find my copy of Raising Dragons to start. I tore the house apart, but never found it. And then came the miracle that was the tenth anniversary addition. My favorite book in the series was swiftly regained and better than ever!(hence why I am holding it in the picture) I threw myself into reading, and after really focusing on the parts I had originally skimmed, I came to a few conclusions.

First, my faith didn’t mean as much to me as I would have liked. Second, I needed to fix that, and did soon after. Third, you are an even more amazing author than I had at first perceived, and I loved your work so much that, i can say with honesty, J. R. R. Tolkien is your only real competition as far as my favorite author goes.

Children Of The Bard came out somewhere in that timeline, and I gave it my full the First time around (after re-reading all the others again, of course) and it was truly a blessing to be part of this journey. Billy was the first character I ever truly connected to, and seeing him reach such a blissful journey’s end, it gave me hope for what I have to look forward to when we all get to Heaven.

So thank you, thank you so much for blessing this Earth with your wonderful works, and being the author behind what pushed me to strengthen my faith.

With much love and respect,

Samuel W.

I am stronger in my faith

Dear Mr. Davis,

The first book of yours I read was Raising Dragons. It was probably at least 9 years ago, maybe more. I very quickly fell in love with your writing and characters, and flew through the entire Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire series. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read through them since. I have such fond memories of waking up extra early to read a chapter or two before getting to my schoolwork, and finishing as quickly as I could so I could read the rest of the day. My brother got frustrated with me for reading all day and not wanting to play with him!
Billy, Bonnie, and crew became my best friends. There was a time in my life when I didn’t have any close friends and was very lonely. Your books were what I turned to. They brought me such joy. I laughed and cried with them, felt their pain and loss, celebrated their victories as if they were my own. I immersed myself in their world and was able to forget about my problems for as long as I needed to. Bonnie taught me so much about faith, she has always been one of my role models. Because of her, Psalm 139: 7-12 became a favorite passage. Billy and Walter taught me what friendship is like. Most all of your characters taught me some important lesson about life. I will always be grateful for your books.
Not only do I love the Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard (I always had faith you’d continue the story. I don’t think I’d ever been more excited than when you announced these books!) series, but all of your other works. The Dragons of Starlight and Tales of Starlight series are incredible. Tales of Starlight especially had an impact on me. Those books seriously upped my standards in reading material. The Time Echoes trilogy was a fun read, though hard to wrap my brain around at times! I generally don’t like dystopian-esque tales, but the Reapers trilogy so far is fabulous and I can’t wait to finish it.
I want to thank you for everything your books have done for me. They were my comfort for so many years. While I do not read them as much as I used to, I still think of them often. They taught me so much and helped me get through some hard times in my life. I don’t know where I would be had I never read your books. Because of your influence, I discovered many more authors and series that I still love to this day. You helped feed my love for books! I discovered an intense love for dragons and fantasy novels. While I have read many a book about dragons, none have ever been quite as good as yours. Because of you and your books, I am a better person, stronger in my faith, and much more well-read than I was before!

Jessi R. – I’ve learned so much

Dear Bryan Davis,
I wouldn’t say your books themselves impacted my life that much, but if I hadn’t joined your forum, my life would look very different. The forum provided me with friends, and many of those friendships last until this day, something the “real life” friendships I made failed to do. The forum, and knowing you, also led me to go to the Florida Christian Writers Conference, and later, Realm Makers. Because of this, I’ve learned so much and have a shot at becoming a published author.
Without your forum and you, I don’t know where I’d be today. Thank you for your years of friendship and encouragement.


Jessi R.

Audrey E. – I found the best of myself

I started reading your Dragons series when I was in high school. I was a very lonely teen who was missing God but couldn’t figure out how to find Him again. Bonnie and Sapphira gave me such good role models. I found the best of myself in them and something to strive for. Billy and Elam gave me good models for a Godly partner, and I found mine. I initially borrowed from a friend the first 8 books and am slowly trying to collect my own copies.

Thank you so much, Mr. Davis, for giving me such good models of Godly character. Thank you for showing me what Godly authority looks like and how to humbly submit to it.

Audrey E.