Bridgett – I almost started crying

Hi Bryan,

I wanted to say thank you! I met you at a Christian home schooling conference in Kitchener Ontario and bought all four books of Dragons in our Midst for my 12 year old son. He is having such a difficult time and was not interested in anything in life except video games. He never picked anything at the library except graphic novels and has been so cold towards the Lord.
I started reading book one to him aloud and he was hooked! After about 5 chapters he had to have the book because he wanted to read it more than we were reading it together 🙂 when I gave it to him he immediately started reading it aloud to me! (I almost started crying right there!) he was also so eager to grab his bible to look up scripture that was mentioned and has recently made a profession of faith. He is reading his bible and believe that is also in part to the fact that your books brought him to a place where reading wasn’t scary anymore!
Thank you for following your passion and writing books that can touch youth with truth and honesty! I can’t wait to get every book you’ve written to build a library for my son of books that he not only reads but devours!!!
Thank you!