Megan – A deeper understanding of sacrificial love

Dear Mr. Davis,

I’m laughing to myself realizing that the last time I wrote you I said pretty much the same thing I’m going to say now. I have just finished reading Omega Dragon for the first time. I had recently purchased the entire collection, but had not read the last two books, so I embarked yet again on the Dragons in our Midst adventure.

Having at last finished all of them, including the Seventh Door and Omega Dragon, I just wanted to let you know that they continue to touch my heart deeply. In particular, Bonnie’s song is an inspiration to me. As I read about the purity ovulum’s song now instilled in Bonnie’s heart, I thought back on her time in the candlestone, surrounded by darkness, singing out to the Lord. This created a shield of light around her, protecting her from despair and all other manner of evil. It’s been a reminder to me to sing to the Lord on days where my heart is heavy or darkness seeks to overwhelm me.

I am an avid reader who enjoys a wide variety of subjects and genres, but no other books have captured my heart so consistently over the years as these 12 books have. I have reread them more than any other. I have shed more tears of joy and sorrow during my time between their pages than any other. These are the books that taught me to dance with Jehovah, sing away the darkness, and gave me a deeper understanding of sacrificial love.

These books will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you again for what you’re doing. Have a wonderful day.