Are You Ready for Book #3? Or is it Book #9?

The Oculus Gate series currently has two books, Heaven Came Down and Invading Hell. The next book is called My Soul to Take, #3 in the series, coming in May of 2022.

It is also book #9 in the story world.

This story world started with the Time Echoes Trilogy. It continued with the Reapers Trilogy, making six books. And now the story world will conclude with the four books in the Oculus Gate series, making ten books in all.

You can read any series without reading either of the others first. All three stand independently, but when you read more than one, you will see how they connect to each other.

Now, are you ready for book #3 in the Oculus Gate series? I hope you will read the first two books so you’ll be prepared for this exciting new adventure. They are available in paperback and on kindle, including Kindle Unlimited. At the time of this posting, the kindle version of Heaven Came Down is only $1.99!


Heaven Came Down –

Invading Hell –


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  1. Yes! (I’d say I was born ready, but I couldn’t read, then, so….)


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