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Starlighter is book #1 in the Dragons of Starlight series. Recommended for ages 11 and older. For information on the best reading order in concert with the Tales of Starlight series, go to this link.

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Dragons are enslaving humankind and a black egg signals the end of the world. Jason Masters must journey to another realm and join forces with a slave girl named Koren to rescue the captives and save two worlds from destruction. What if the Legends Are True? Jason Masters doubted the myths: people taken through a portal to another realm and enslaved by dragons. But when his brother is taken, he must uncover the truth and find the portal before it’s too late. Once he’s through the portal, he meets Koren, a slave in the dragons’ realm, who struggles to destroy a black egg prophesied to doom all mankind. Jason and Koren must work together to save their two worlds before the dragons learn that their secrets have been discovered. In Starlighter, bestselling author Bryan Davis masterfully weaves fantasy and inspiration into a captivating novel for young adults.

Read the first chapter here.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love it! Filled with both tension and detail, my heart was drawn out to it immediately. I have never read a book that was more compelling, in a soft sort of way, and more filled with pleasure and excitement and understanding. Starlighter is a true good read that, along with its sequel, Warrior, shows the true meaning and implications of freedom and bondage in all forms. It is one of the best-books I have ever read, and is even free from the current disposition in most modern writing toward darkness. I’m so grateful to have read this book.

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