Which is the Best Dragons in our Midst Book?



If you feel so inclined, please tell me why you voted for the book you chose.


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  1. I have always loved the complexity of The Circles of Seven. All of the trials and multiple story lines being told are awesome! For some reason Circles of Seven has always stood out to me as my favorite. 😊

  2. Raising Dragons, because although I love the complexities of later books, this is the boom where it all started.

  3. Circles of Seven all the way!!!

  4. Such are hard question! It was Circles of Seven, Tears of a Dragon closely behind. I loved the book because of all the trials, and just the story line in general. I also liked Shiloh. πŸ™‚ All of these books are amazing and I constantly re-read them and recommend them to friends.

  5. I chose Tears of a dragon because the charactΓ¨ development is so strong. Billy fully understands what real sacrifice is, and Bonnie finds strength stronger than her own when she has to carry Billy’s body. I Prof’s/Merlin’s sacrifice is one of my favorites ☺️ Sad, but so well done

  6. Circles of Seven because I loved the layered story structure and the idea of the circles. Plus, Billy grew so much! But Tears of a Dragon comes in super close. πŸ™‚ And the first two were great as well–ahh, so hard to choose!

  7. This is a near impossible choice! I love Raising Dragons since it started the series, but Circles of Seven is amazing too!

  8. I love Circles of Seven because of all the various trials that are faced by the main characters and the tough choices they were presented with. One of my favorite parts of all your books is where Billy lays Bonnie’s bod y on the bridge and says that he is leaving the choice in God’s hands. He doesn’t know if he is right or wrong, but he wants to glorify God with his choice.

    Also, it is the book with my favorite cover, I actually have the poster hanging over my bed, because I am reminded of Christ protecting me, even in death, against the evil dragon.

  9. Although I loved all of them, I had to choose Raising Dragons, because, like many others have said, it was the book that started the incredible journey, and it gave the readers a sense of the story line as they started the rest of the series. πŸ™‚

  10. I really enjoyed the Clandestone because Bonnie’s faith and kindness blossoms. In the midst of darkness she was able to search and find the Light. It was a beautiful reminder that no matter how dark and emotional life is that in the midst Jesus is right there leading us.

  11. I picked the Candlestone, because there is a whole lot of feeling in it. Through Bonnie’s and Billy’s struggles, you crafted a wonderful, emotion filled and meaning filled book. I don’t think you’ve quite achieved so much feeling in your more recent books.

  12. I chose The Candlestone, although it was a very hard choice. I picked it because I love the redemption that goes on in Billy and Ashley’s characters. And Bonnie’s unwavering faith is always inspiring, but to me even more so in this book. And I just love the overall plot line. I’m a science nerd so it appeals to me πŸ™‚

  13. Hard to choose! I picked Circles of Seven because I liked the different tests they went through. There’s many temptations and attempted distractions and our hearts can try to lead us astray. The characters often didn’t know what the best thing to do was but they acted based on their faith and let God do the rest. I don’t know what’s all going on in my life, but I know God is in control and I don’t need to worry even when things look crazy.

  14. I think Tears of a Dragon is the best one. It has an amazing complexity (although less than the Circles of Seven) and it unfolds in such a way that takes me into the story.
    And the final fight scene with Morgan and the Watchers is amazing and I love every minute of it. Also Billy’s sacrificial act but surviving only to be stabbed in the heart with a stairoulite (I think I spelled that wrong) blade and STILL come back to life is amazing (mostly the sacrificial part).
    I love Tears of a Dragon and I will probably always love it. It’s a great book that rings with truths and amazing adventures.

  15. I picked Circles of Seven because it was the first one I read when I was 10 (although I wasn’t allowed too till I was 11) I love that book.

  16. I chose The Candlestone. I loved all the books, but there was just something about it that stood out to me. The sci-fi feel of it was really cool, and I enjoyed seeing Bonnie’s faith in the midst of the darkness of her temporary prison.

  17. It was a close call between CoS and ToAD, but I had to go with Circles of Seven. I have always loved the complexity and the symbolism of it.

  18. I have to say Circles of Seven because of the character development, the introduction of Shiloh, the strengthening of Billy and Bonnie’s relationship, the way they overcome the multiple challenges in their way, and so many other reasons!! I also like how the story line is similar to The Seven Doors later on. Overall an AMAZING book!!

    • Also the part where Billy carries Bonnie’s body to the bridge and decides to leave to choice in God’s hands is so wonderful!! It shows how much Billy grew in his relationship with God and his walk of faith.

      Tears of a Dragon comes in second, my favorite part is the similar scene(s) where Bonnie has to carry Billy’s body and she’s not sure if he’s going to come back but she still trusts God to work everything out!

      Two amazing examples of faith!

  19. The last moment of the series with Billy and Bonnie completely sold Tears of a Dragon for me if it wasn’t already. The Candlestone is a close second with Billy’s discovery of the Truth. And those are just two of my all-time favorite moments!

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