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If you are interested in having me speak to your school or group, here are some guidelines.

I will visit nearly any location as long as a group at the location sponsors me, that is, they pay my travel expenses and speaking fee.

My standard speaking fee is $500 for an all-day event, $300 for a half-day event, or $200 for a single talk. I also request an opportunity to sell books.

If your group is large, and the book sales potential is high, I will consider lowering the fee. The fee is also negotiable for groups that are charitable in nature, rely on contributions, or are lacking funds. In other words, if you can’t afford my fee, let’s talk.

I might be able to lower your travel-expense charges if another group in your area agrees to pay part of them. If you have contacts with other groups in your area that might want an author visit, maybe we can work out a shared-expense arrangement.

I offer the following talks:

  1. An Author’s Journey – Bryan’s publishing journey, how he dreams up imaginative stories, and an overview of how to get published. This is an inspirational and informative talk for audiences of all ages.
  2. Fantasy and the Reader’s Heart – How fantasy can inspire readers in their spiritual lives, and how to discern good, moral fantasy and identify destructive fantasy. This is a helpful talk for parents, teachers, and other adults who guide children.
  3. How to Start a Story – An interactive writing lesson on how to begin a Hero’s Journey story. This is a great workshop for writers and those who aspire to be writers.

If you are interested, please contact me by email –

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  1. Just wondering if Mr. Davis would consider doing a book signing around Oxford, Al. this year sometime.

    • I will be in the Birmingham area on September 28, 2016. If you want details, let me know. Also, I drive through Oxford quite often. If my wife is traveling with me, I could stop and meet you, if you wish.

  2. Hi Bryan, I was wondering if you read new books and write reviews or blurbs? I’m a new Christian Urban fantasy MG author and I’ll be publishing my first novel-Lord willing-in April 2023. I’m not very online or tech savvy so I was curious as to ways to possibly promote my book and obtain reviews.
    Any advice you could offer would be appreciated!

  3. hey Bryan will you be doing any events in Utah soon? Perhaps near Salt Lake City, or Ogden?

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