Raising Dragons Anniversary Finale – Clues for the Grand Prize

Thank you to all who have participated in the 15-years-of-Raising-Dragons celebration. I will draw the winners for the clay dragons and the sew-on patches soon. Regarding the grand prize, if you collected all of the letters from the posts this… Read More ›

The Seventh Door – A Twisted Sister?

I had a lot of fun writing The Seventh Door, especially when Semiramis posed as Darcy and it was difficult to tell which version of Darcy was the real one and which was Semiramis. While I wrote their standoff scene,… Read More ›

From the Mouth of Elijah – Sacrifices Abound

A theme that I employ extensively in my stories is heroic self-sacrifice, and From the Mouth of Elijah erupts with that theme again and again. The story highlights heroic males, females, and dragons who suffer greatly in order to help… Read More ›

Song of the Ovulum – A Tragic Surprise

When some people read the prologue of Song of the Ovulum, they were shocked. Some even became angry. After the beautiful happy ending of the previous book, learning what Bonnie and Ashley had to endure shortly afterward was heart-wrenching. But… Read More ›

The Bones of Makaidos – The Fan Favorite

I once conducted a poll for all twelve Dragons in our Midst story world books and asked which was the favorite. The Bones of Makaidos received more votes than the other eleven combined. At more than 670 pages, this book… Read More ›

Last of the Nephilim – Connections

Last of the Nephilim is my wife’s favorite of the 12-book story world, most likely because it probes so deeply into the Angel character and her decisions. Set in Second Eden, the story provides a parallel to the original Eden,… Read More ›

Enoch’s Ghost – A Story that Required a Lot of Change

Debuting in 2007, Enoch’s Ghost took a long time to incubate.  To learn why, go to this link – http://www.theauthorschair.com/shopping/DimeTwoPennies.pdf I have been told by many that, in this story, Walter’s visit to the Lake of Fire was one of… Read More ›