Tears of a Dragon – A New Beginning

Tears of a Dragon arrived during the second half of 2005. While I was writing the story, the back story kept growing in my mind. Soon, it became bigger and more interesting than the main story. I knew I would have to write a prequel to explore how the dragons saga began.

When the story began drawing to a close, one of the characters referred to “Oracles of Fire.” At the time, I didn’t know what that phrase meant, but I guessed that it had something to do with the back story. The book was published before I found the meaning, which is a pretty risky venture, but I have learned over the years that I can trust the items that pop into my head. They usually fit perfectly into the story, a blessing that I attribute to God’s guidance.

The end of Tears of a Dragon provided an ambiguous ending for Bonnie Silver. “Did she keep her wings?” hundreds of readers asked me in emails. I told those readers at the time, “I don’t know,” and I still don’t know to this day. If you have read the Oracles of Fire series, you might understand. Bonnie simply didn’t tell me, and, like with Billy, to me it just didn’t matter.

Tears of a Dragon went into its tenth printing this year and continues to thrive as one of my best sellers.


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  1. Tenth printing this year? Hey Davis, I have a question: Have you considered rewriting the book (and Circles of Seven), like you did with Raising Dragons and The Candlestone recently? I recall that those had cringe-worthy writing mistakes for you as well, and that Eye of the Oracle is the first one where you no longer cringe at the writing, so it’s ok if you don’t go that far with your rewrites
    Also, when are the rewrites of those first two books coming to ebook format?

  2. I love Tears of a Dragon! And I’ve always marveled at how you’ve pulled together such a large, complex story world. 🙂

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